A day away...

Oh wow, I don't even know where to start. I think I'm going to start tearing up, reminiscing the things that happened this past year. So much, yet so little. So much things to be thankful about, and so little time to realize all of it. Looks like there's so much to worry about, that there's so little time for me to be grateful about things. One year, can be such a whirlwind, I feel like I've changed, year by year, and become tougher, everyday. If there's one song that can describe me in 08 that would be, 'Miss Independent.' LOL

I feel like I've been independent, I'm not saying that I'm good at it, I'm saying that I'm forcing myself to. I'm hoping I can keep it up, standing by myself, and still manage to keep myself together. Although I've fallen apart a couple of times, I'm still capable to stand up tall, tell myself I can do it, and get through even at the hardest times of the year.

What really kept me from totally breaking down is the people surrounding me, who have been beyond amazing. Even the simple things that they do, ask me how I've been doing, send text messages or e-mail, especially at certain time of the year like my birthday, or Christmas, perhaps, it really made me feel like I'm loved, I have people who I can be me. I sound cheesy, but seriously, that's how I truly feel! So, thanks :)
And people who can keep up with the real me, who sincerely have been loving and caring, all the time, and unconditionally. I feel so overloved :P

Highlights of the year are probably countless. But some of them that will probably be in my mind for quite some time are probably the 'return' of the people who had been gone for a while. A comeback. The people I truly miss. Other things are probably new people who entered into my life who have become such blessings to my life :)

The places I've been to, the memories that occurred, and the dreams that actually happened. Priceless. Okay, I sound like some Visa ad, but well, it is, it is!!! PRICELESS!

I guess when you win some, you lose some. There are probably some things that I lost. And almost lose. I'm not afraid of losing anymore. I learned that things that really, truly matter in your life will always be there with you, always. No matter how many times you wreck it, no matter how many times you ruin it, it's stuck with you because it's meant for you. I'm not just talking about human being, but also things. In my case, my mobile. I've dropped it a lot of times, and sometimes it's off all of the sudden, but I still can use it. So, just like things, people who really are meant to be in your life, will always be with you, or will come back to you, no matter how many times you lose them, or almost lose them :D

I've always been afraid of the thought of the future. I'm afraid of changes, since they're inevitable. No matter how cliche this sounds, but everything does happen for a reason. A beautiful, and ever so wonderful reason. I'm ready for what the future holds, what it might take away, and what it might give.

"Through the darkness and good times, I knew I'd made it through. Where it was dark, now there's light. Where there's pain, now there's joy. Where there was weakness, I've found my strength."
- A New Day has Come (Celine Dion)

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Hey, Stranger...

...I think I fell in love with you. No, seriously. I think I do!

Okay, so you guys might not know what I'm talking about but well, there's this guy who's Facebook friends with me, and I tried talking to him (I know, sounds aggressive, but trust me, I got REALLY GOOD REASONS!) and just made me fell in love with him more, even though I don't know that much about him, but I've heard enough ;)

I am not a huge fan of soccer, but I've been a huge fan of Lampard, that's Frank Lampard. Just in case some of you are not familiar with this name, he is one AMAZING soccer player, and I would want to watch soccer just when he's playing, other than that, change the channel. He's the only reason I love the sport soccer. 

Back to this stranger I'm talking about, as many of you might have guessed, this guy is a fan of soccer, and not a fan of any other soccer club, but the one and only, Chelsea. The club Lampard plays for. So we can have a date watching soccer when Chelsea is on. Correction, when Lampard is on ;p

I am not a very opened person, so I express myself by writing stuffs, poems, songs, whatever works, as long as I'm producing words and make them into understandable sentences. I share them, through Notes on Facebook, blogs, wherever, doesn't really matter. I saw this guy's Notes on Facebook (you can tell so much out of a guy's notes! hahaha :p), and I read about it, it's about his thoughts, and just talk about life, in general. One thing that really made me go "Geez weez, he's one heck of a guy!" is that he said in his notes, "I do not come from an affluent home, although the values drilled into me combined with the perseverance and determination that runs through my veins are worth far more than money, hence, I firmly believe that i have been given a head-start.....

.....I have decided to implement my power of choice and be the best that I can be. I owe it to myself, to my family, and above all, to God"

Need more prove that we're meant to be together? (Okay, whoa, whoa, I sound desperate! Don't take this seriously! Or, wait a minute, do take it seriously! Hahaha ;p)
Okay, so if annnnnyone ask me who would I like to meet before I die, Obama would probably be on top of my list. And so I saw some of his picture albums, I saw he put up some of Obama pictures, and he is also a big fan of him!

Other facts I know about him by his Facebook boxes is that he's a Jock according to the 'What High School Group are you?' quiz, he's a Natural Born CEO according to the 'What Kind of Entrepreneur are you?' quiz, and that he supports the 'Stop Global Warming' and 'Society Against Child Abuse' causes! I know that he's into the Bible (somehow...), and he travels a lot, he's been to 77 cities in 11 countries, he's an athletic guy, and he's very ambitious.

...I can be quite a (silent) stalker, but don't be scared, I don't do weird stuffs or anything creepy!

Hahaha! I was just bored, and I think he's a (really, REALLY) cool guy. Who happens to be really mature, loves Chelsea, and adores Obama. What more can I ask for? :p
I'd rather be a fan of some guy that I don't really know but I know for sure his (real) personality, than being a huge fan of a celebrity that I know only from roles in movies, but not in real life.

If I got the chance to meet this stranger I happened to fall in love with, I would probably say, "Hey, I love you!"


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Restart All Over

I hate my phone. I hate it so so much. I'm gonna sue the 02 Company for doing such poor poor job on its quality of PDA's. I know I kinda sound like a bitch for whining so much, but it's just, this thing happened to me more than once. And it bugs me out because I know that this would happen often but I bought the phone anyways. Oh yes, love is blind. And pictures do deceive!!! You guys should've seen the brochure, you guys would want to buy my phone too.

So the thing is, if I forgot to re-charge my battery, and the phone went dead with its whole battery ran out, I would lose all of my documents including pictures, songs, contact lists, and EVEN TEXT MESSAGES!!! Bummer! Not to mention, I've been saving last year's Christmas texts & also birthday texts plus other really sweet texts by really sweet people. Ngawhhhhh...

They said PDA's are most used by businessmen. What if they were too busy working and forgot to re-charge the battery and lost tons of important documents? Oh gosh.

Well, i have to deal with it. Like my brother always said, 'Always start fresh!' The good news is, now my memory on my phone is as clean as mom's car out of the car wash.

To top it all off, my laptop broke down. The hardware was ruined or something. At least that's what I heard. Wow. Whatta fantastic week you would say? I would 110% agree!

But there's been this feeling that something huge is going to happen, don't really know what. Maybe these are just some of the 'signs' that I would be starting off fresh. Well here I am, squeaky clean, ready to be embraced by what is there to come!

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YES! Finally I can say 'Adios' to my Multiply blog for good!

Hahaha :)
I've been wanting to copy some of the 'important' blogs (I'd say :p) to this new blog of mine. Not that I've just made this blog, I've just decided to be active in this blog instead! :)

So in case you guys are wondering, WHY IS SHE WRITING SO MANY BLOGS IN A DAY? Well, I didn't, just did some copy-pasting. 

And, you guys might wonder why am I pasting from the past blog, because I think it is important to remember, no matter how bad you want to forget.

So, well yeah, that is all, I hope this blog explains it all!
Laterrrrr :)

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In his shoes...

01:01 A.M

How does it feel like waking up in the White House knowing that the weight of the world is on his shoulders ?
How does it feel to see that the moment he's been waiting for has finally arrived ?
How does it feel like knowing that he has a promise to fulfill to the whole nation ?
How does it feel like knowing that after more than a century , he made a jaw-dropping history ? 
How does it feel like to stand up for the whole United States , but still he knows , that the people of America got his back ?

I'm still in aweeeee :D

Oh well , I brought him up because well , he's nothing special ... 
Just an ordinary African-American guy , who happened to study in Indonesia , and turned out to be the first black president of the United States . 
So what ?
No big deal , really...

...just the fact that he made history ! 
A big one , peopleee !!!
And when he won , everyone celebrateee :D

So let's just put Obama aside for a while . 
My most favorite president of the United States who is also very well-educated and inspiring is Abraham Lincoln , who happened to be the 16th President of the United States .
(Note : 16 is my favorite number :p)

I read Lincoln's biography once for my literature studies , and it's probably one of the many reasons I adore his patriotism and his thirst for a change .
He believed that everyone is created free , and equal .
When his Second Inauguration occurred in 1865 , African-American people are allowed to participate in the parade for the first time ! 

Do you know that both Lincoln and Obama were representatives from the State of llinois ? 
And that they're both were chosen as President when America was at its crisis ?
Another interesting fact is that , Obama will say his oath of office across the National Mall , looking straight towards the Lincoln Memorial .
Other Lincoln-related fact is that Obama's inauguration ceremony on the 12th of February 2009 is approximately on Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday !

Coincidence ? I think not ! :p

What I really like about Obama is that he's accurate and precise about what he wants to do in the future . 
He gives promises , but not just in general , he gave details that he wants to get involved in every aspects of fighting the crisis .
For instance , he offers solutions such as health insurance . 
Health insurance companies are not allowed to refuse clients when they meet preexisting conditions .
And also giving dispensations in taxes , for middle-class and small companies . 
Another good move he risk to take is that he pressed the expenses and fees of medical care , without harming the doctors' income , but at the same time , upgrading the quality . 

He made conscious efforts so that every children in America are covered by health insurance , like medicaid and developing the State Children Health Insurance Program-
Another smart move is that he doesn't allow any junk food to be sold in any schools in America , concerning obesity is one of the most devastating things that attacks American kids nowadays .

'A New Birth of Freedom' is the theme for Obama's Inauguration Day , which is the phrase taken from Gettysburg , Pennsylvania , on the 19th November 1862 , a speech by , yes , none other than , the Amazing Abraham Lincoln .

I hope this might inspire someone to dream , and maybe someday that someone made history , and say that , that someone was inspired by this note .

...inspired by the Barack Obama .
(C) Nadia Juliana

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Midnight Mourn -

12:30 A.M

Dramatic enough ? 

The title just blew it all . 
Well let me just tell you what I feel right now .

It's amazing how someone can turn 180 degrees in a matter of days . 
You know someone your whole life and just , not knowing who the person is anymore . 
I mean , physically , they're the same , but deep down , they're a whole different person . 

'Losing people isn't that bad .'
Geez , I tell myself that everyday . 

Well people change , that's why I don't just rely on a particular person , except for family , of course , they're like , totally inseparable . 
And there's just some people who you know will always be there for you no matter what , and just won't change . They're exceptional :) 

So yea , people change , and there's nothing you can do to change it . 
I do believe that people come and go in your life , maybe at the wrong time , maybe at the time when you need them most , or well , I don't know , there's never a right time to say goodbye . 
But when they go from your life , you don't have to necessarily replace them , because in some cases , some people are just truly irreplaceable . 
But as time flies , you might find someone who fill the spot :) 

Lovesss XXX

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We all say our goodbyes ... eventually :'(


10:59 A.M

Well , in case you're wondering , I just had a fight with my best friend .
Best ... best friend .
And I know I'm overly sensitive at times , and I'm not gonna blame this one on him , although I know that he did some things that hurt me too . 

This is not a first . 
I mean , this happened already , and I really hate whenever it get repeated over and over- 
Well , let me tell you just one-fourth of my mistake . 
I don't know why but the thing with him is , if I don't like something that he does , I keep it to myself . And when I just had enough of it , I 'explode' . 
You know ? 

And I know (now) that I was wrong that I didn't tell him at first whenever I feel I dislike something that he did . 
I was trying to be the bigger person here , I said I was sorry . 

I don't like being in this state of feeling , because I hate the fact that he never realizes whenever I'm pissed off , and I have to tell him whenever I am , but at the same time , I don't wanna lose him T_T 
And I hate that this is not a first , and so this is like the hundredth , and the worst was probably last year around August when he said "Thanks for everything , have a nice life !" 
It hit me so hard I was like ... :'( :'( :'(

I can't stand losing people , you know ? 
And to be this close after 3 years of friendship , it hurts so bad that it has to end a week before his birthday :'(

And so I told him I was sorry and that I kept on repeating the mistakes over and over again- 
I told him that I'm sorry I was never the best friend he expected . 

Too much drama , huh ?
I realized that , too . 
See , I have enough drama with my friends , and even family . 
I don't think I could spare some more by having a friggin boyfriend . 
Haha :p
Oh well .....
I guess this is goodbye ...

P.S : I love you ;'(

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...and the reason is you !


09:12 P.M

" I'm not a perfect person ,

I never meant to do those things to you "

Whoaw , bayangin satu orang yang pernah nyakitin lo parah banget . 

Paraaaaah banget . 

Ya , kalo gak , pikirin aja satu orang yang pernah ninggalin scar di hati lo . 

Entah temen bae lo , someone you fell hard for , or well I don't know , someone who never said their sorry , or maybe don't got the chance to say their sorry . 

Tiba-tiba dia ngomong gini ! WHOAH , gue akan tercengang and my jaw will literally drop ! 

Hahaha , well because I have one person in my mind , and I just imagine that this person would say this . 

My world would seriously stop for one second and couldn't say a word (Hahaha mulai lebay)

That was the first verse of the well-known Hoobastank song ! 

'The Reason .'

It was just about how some person change his life and who's probably the only reason why he wants to change . 

Second verse nya sih paling meganggg :p

" I'm sorry that I hurt you ,

It's something I must live with everyday ,

And all the pain I put you through ,

I wish that I could take it all away ,

And be the one who catches all your tears ,

That's why I need you to hear -"

Walah iya juga ya emo banget -_-

On the other side , there is no issues , just in my old-song mood again . 

And I feel like today is my lucky day !!!

WHOOOOO hopes so :)

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So Yesterday :)

09:38 P.M

"If it's over , let it go ,
Come tomorrow , it will seem so yesterday , so yesterday , 
I'm just a bird that's already flown away ,
Laugh it off , let it go ,
And when you wake up it will seem so yesterday , so yesterday , 
Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay ? " 

Guess what ? I'm in the mood to listen to my old songs which is made up of cassettes , you know , those old things we used to put on in our tape recorder or boombox . 
Ah yes , the good ol' days . 
We barely touch those kinds of stuffs now since we're pretty much attached to our iPod or mp3 player or even music phones . 

The list of my old cassettes :
- Britney Spears : Baby One More Time (i know , gross , but can't help singing 'Hit me baby , one more time ! :p )
- Hilary Duff : Metamorphosis (probably the times when i was a big fan of her bcause of her unique music and sound)
- Mariah Carey (can't remember the title of the album , it was a Christmas Album) 
- Yellowcard : Ocean Avenue (probably the coolest out of the rest ! :) )
- Ryan Cabrera : True (GAAARH i love all the songs in this album ! His voice is just , so melting and appealing and magnetizing )
- Busted (hate that they're gone from the music industry bcause i really really love their music :) )
- Simple Plan : Welcome to My Life (OH YEAHHH ! We all sang along to this song when it's turned over and over on the radio , didn't we ? :D )
- Glenn Fredly : Kisah Tak Berujung (listened to this over and over album for about like 3 months in a row ? love love love)
- True Vibe : See The Light (i'm searching for the CD bcause i lost the cassette :( and this album has like tons of cool songs like "Not What I Say (but what i do)"

And now I can't remember any of the albums anymore :)
Im'ma keep y'all updated just in case you guys wanna know about this so-not-popular collection of mine :p
Ha-ha :) Joking :D
I'm just bored and I haven't touch this blog of mine in like ... 2 weeks ? 
I miss talking about random things hahahs :)
Mwahs *

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Awaken by Reality .

01:56 P.M

"Second chances they don't ever matter , people never change 
Once a whore you're nothing more , I'm sorry that will never change"
That song is sang by probably the coolest band eveeerrrrr , Paramore :) 
Although it's not their new single or anything , I just feel like they write real music with real lyrics that I think probably anyone could relate to . 
Including meeeee :)

My brother tell me all the time that no one can ever change . 
So he doesn't believe in giving second chances to people . 
And I don't agree with it at first , but as life goes on , I realize that it is sooooo true !
(And I hate the fact that I have to admit he's right) 

I want to talk to this person I haven't got the chance to talk to .
'cause I thought I could leave the past behind me , but I just feel like I'm haunted by it .

I just don't get what's in your head when you had to hide , I mean , I kinda figured it out at first that you like him . 
Like when I had a fight with him , you told me I should just move on and forget about him , when you know (for sure) that I was so into him and can't do that easily . 
I mean , reality check ? You're my best friend , aren't you suppose to give me advices that help or something ? 

Gue ngerti lah suka sama orang itu gak dosa , but isn't hurting your best friend's a sin ? 
Apalagi harus ampe boong .
All you said were , "Yaudah lah ya , nasi udah jadi bubur ." 
I was like , whoaaah hang in there , is it really that easy ? Sheez . 

Padahal pas gue tanya , lo ada feeling sama dia ?
You said , Gak lahhh ! No worries , gue cuma pure "cc-dd" sama dia . 
Bullshit . 

Mostly , when you said you were neutral , and that you don't pick any sides , but clearly enough you were taking his side when you told him my secrets but when I asked you to spill his secrets , you said that you can't .

I should've listen to my brother too when he said , "Yaelah deee , yang namanya cc-dd , koko-dd tuuuh kaga adaaa yang ga ada feeling ! Gak mungkiiin !" 
I hate it when he's right (again !)

They said that I would do the same if I was in your position . 
Guess what , I've been down this road before , and I didn't do what you did . 
I'm not saying that I'm better than you are , I just think that friends should come before crushes , boyfriends or whatever .

And 3 months later I found out that you are dating him . 
Wow .
And I found that out from someone else . 

When I tried to text you and ask how are you and shits like that , you didn't replied . 
Great .
I didn't even mention anything about him .
I felt like an idiot ! Shouldn't even bother texting you . 

Well I guess , all those car rides you took , books and music albums you borrowed , and the lovey dovey stuffs as a friend didn't really caught your heart , ey ? 
Hahaha . 

I just don't get why you could put friendship at stake for something you know that wouldn't last-

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Tanya kenapa ?


11:40 P.M

Kenapa ya orang bisa selingkuh ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo dia tau dia cuma selingkuhan , tapi tetep mau dijadiin yang ke-2 . 
Kenapa ya orang ngerebut pasangan orang lain ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo dia ngerebut pasangan orang yang orangnya ini deket sama dia (ada relasi gitu) . 
Kenapa ya orang gak mikir kalo ngomong ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo orang ngomong udah mikir (maksudnya nyoba untuk gak nyakitin & ngerangkai kata-kata) tapi tetep aja masih nusuk (nancep) . 
Kenapa ya orang demennya ngomongin orang yang jelek-jelek ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo orang ngomongin yang jelek-jelek tentang orang tapi none of them is true . 
Kenapa ya orang bisa cepet lupain seseorang ? 
Lebih gila lagi cepet lupain orang yang pernah made a HUGE impact di hidupnya .
Kenapa ya orang bisa boongin orang yang dia sayang ?
Lebih gila lagi kalo dia boongin orang yang dia sayang terus bisa keep a straight face . 
Kenapa ya orang suka tetep paksain ada sama orang yang gak buat dia bahagia ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo tuh orang keep on pretending sampe-sampe nyiksa batin . 
Kenapa ya orang bilang kalo ngelepasin seseorang yang dia cintai itu tanda kalo dia bener-bener cinta ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo dia harus sampe kehilangan tu orang tapi tu orang gak pernah tau apa yang bener-bener dia rasain . 
Kenapa ya orang baru ngerasain kalo dia cinta beneran waktu udah kehilangan ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo tu orang ngerasain kehilangan tapi dia gak ngakuin . 
Kenapa ya orang gampang banget maenin perasaan orang lain ? 
Lebih gila lagi kalo dia gak merasa bersalah melakukannya .

Kenapa ya orang bisa gampang banget jahatin orang lain ?
Gak mikir kalo yang dia perbuat ke orang lain bisa balik lagi ke dia ya ?  
Gak mikir kalo orang punya perasaan ya ? 
Gak mikir kalo bad stuffs happen to bad people , ey ? 
Well , well ~

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Blissful thing we all call High School .


08:37 P.M

Rasanya gak tahan pengen cepet-cepet Universityyyyy ! 
Walaupun yaa gue tau Uni won't be as fun as High School is . Tapi teenagers emang punya sifat yang cenderung pengen cepet gede . 
Padahal mah , giliran udah gede pengen kecil lagi :p 
Hahaha . 
Tapi yaa gak lepas dari hal-hal yang berbau 'pendidikan' , ada kata-kata yang udah melekat erat seperti 'assignments' atau 'exams' . 
Ah , what a wonderful life :) 

Ngomongin soal Uni , sebenernya gue belom made up my mind mau dimana . 
Perth , Melbourne or Sydney . 
Dream Uni nya sih Princeton , Harvard , Yale ato Stanford . 
(You might think , najis banget gila ni orang muluk) 
Ya emang sih rada muluk , tapi what can I say , I'm a dreamer :p 
I crave for the best education (Oh Lord , I sound so corny) 
Abisnya menurut gue , kalo lo dream sesuatu , tapi lu udah tau lu bisa nge-achieve itu , jadi ya , dream nya gak tinggi , cuma menurut lo kemampuan lo semana aja , gak ada 'thrill' nya yang buat lo dag-dig-dug gimanaaaaa gitu .  Kan seru-an kalo lo dream nya sedikit unrealistic dikit tapi lo chase bener-bener gitu , dan pasti begitu dapet , ada kepuasan batin yang gak bisa diungkapkan dengan kata-kata . 

But for an undergraduate like me ? The odds are a thousand to one ! 
You have to be top of the top , creme de la creme , one out of the thousands !
And so , I put my dreams on hold , maybe for my Master degree :) 
Amen .
And so , kata sodara gue sih Melbourne is one of the beautiful cities she has ever been to- 
And I have to agree with that ! :) 
And I have this adrenaline rush knowing that I would live by my own and be someone independent ! 
Walaupun dalam otak masih terngiang-ngiang , "Makan apa yaa ntar gue tiap hari ?" 
LOL . 
But , well , it's worth the try :) 
Campus duties , senior crush (LOL) , part-time jobs ! 
It makes me want to open wide and scream , "I'm ready , I'm ready , I'm ready" 
Spongebob much ? 
Oh well , that is all for now before I turn yellow :) 

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You made me Superhuman (:


08:02 P.M

Since I'm craving to watch Heroes the TV series , and I've been listening to the song by Chris Brown a lot , which is called 'Superhuman' , it inspired me to make this post :D 
It's not a poem or anything . It's just random stuffs :p
And puhhlease , it's not for a particular someone... well at least I think it's not ;p

You can make me fly , fly so high . 
You made the skies look so low , and I could spend a day just gazing into your eyes on top of the mountains , below the lowest seas . 
You can make the time freeze . 
Being right next to you make it feels like the whole Universe was on pause .
You gave me super strength . 
Knowing you are here just makes me feel like I can do anything , break any walls ahead , lift any kinds of burden possible . 
You can make me immortal . 
Every time there's pain , you can make it straightly go away . You just know how to make me feel better , and how to make me fall all over again for you . 

As you can see , those are the 'super strengths' as shown in the TV series , pretty uncreative you may say ? I suppose so . 
LOL . 
I can't say all the super strengths as shown in the show , cause' they are certain super strengths which I find ridiculous . 
If any of you watch the series , you guys might know the Haitian guy that has the ability to make people forget about stuffs . 
And sometimes I feel like I need that . 

'It is important to remember' 
-the Haitian Guy 

Evidently not to everyone . Because some things that are too hurtful are just too hard to forget , and sometimes I feel like I need some boost to forget about it . 
Like the Haitian guy might be very useful :p 
But I learned that you have to go through those kinds of painful things so that you when you are back at those kind of situation , you know how to deal with it . 
Get it ?


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Dear Diary ...

07:48 P.M

You might find it a bit too gay to have a diary these days , well , I still have one , only it's a bit more 'mature' than just a diary , I call it , an agenda ! 
It reminds me of school stuffs and a whole lot of things happening that day :) 
And you know what , I cut off my writing habits from an 'agenda' to blog . 
And I happened to find an old agenda of mine . 
I feel like sharing it to all of youuuuu :) 
Please get a bucket , it might make you want to puke .

I can't remember why exactly I started writing from the month of July , I think it's because school starts in July that time . 
And so I was still on holidays in the beginning of July :) 
This was 2006 !

Pertama sih masih rutin tiap hari nulisin beginian , day after day , gak pernah absen . 
Lama-lama sibuk dan males deh :p
Ehuehuehue dengan berjalannya perkembangan zaman gue mulai meletakkan agenda gue dan beralih pada hal-hal yang berbau maya . 
Macem blog gini .

1st of July
"Happy bday bejo :) Hehehe ... Nginep di hum vna neh :) Boing... Boing... Boing..." 
(Geje ? I know , I know . It's the type of agenda yang cuma kecil space buat nulisnya , so I got nothing much to say anyways) 

2nd of July-
"G n vna ke nam centre.. Ketemu ti"n , cien" , dkk.. Terus si cien" ikut nginep soalnya besok i.p (impartasi pemimpin).. Yippee !"
(Ya ya ya , rumah vina udah kayak rumah kedua gue . Eh salah ding , ketiga . Rumah kedua gue berletak di seberang Mal Kelapa Gading yaitu rumah titin :p )

3rd of July-
"First day of i.p huehuehue.. G sekelompok sama vivin , tian , febri , berta , ri-Q , dion , yesha.. Tapi akinya yesha pinda.. Nginepnya di Sawangan.. Sekamar sama: Ti"n , Neri , Vna , Kezia , Cien" , Tital , Dina , Sylvi.. ^o^"
Dulu seringnya make " ^o^ " yang dulu dianggap keren dan sekarang dianggap ... norak)

4th of July-
"2nd day of i.p.. huah.. disuruh puasa ngomong.. bleeh.. paling ga bsa ,, yaudah gue tidur aje.. hihihi.. terus circuit challenge.. weleh.. disuru minum welcome drink  ga jelas namanya yellow pop pula.. terus dsuru pegang belut -_-" terus dsuru nyebur ke kolam,, nyari koin.. malemnya yang paling gak terlupakan.. g dkasi apresiasi cincin.. katanya g mo rela berkorban n plus1000x.. terus g maen drama nyeritain ttg toga, jadi yesha!!! terus bagi2in surat plus rekonsiliasi.. un4gettable night.."
(Oh , it's an unforgettable night alright . I still can feel the vibe of the room , which is very warm , and loving , and feels like a family gather together with a whole lot of love , joy , and serenity . Yang paling gak bisa lupa sih disuruh puasa ngomong . GUE ? HAHAHA . 
Daripada 'batal puasa' , mendingan tidur aja , yang tanpa sepengetahuan gue , direkam dan masih ada rekamannya sampe skarang :p 
Circuit challenge itu kayak lomba-lomba gitu , dan per team . Gue lupa urutannya gimana , yang pasti pertama banget , semuanya disuruh minum welcome drink , pas diundi , grup gue dapet minuman berjudul Yellow Pop , yang sebenernya isinya adalah telor mentah , pisang , cabe , maling , terus gue lupa apa lagi , pare ato apa gitu . Wah , maknyos . Serasa fear factor kan ? Hahaha . Ajaibnya , gue bisa abisin tuh minuman dalam sekejap , dan boleh bantuin temen2 kan tuh kalo udah selesai , gue tenggakin mereka punya tanpa merasa berdosa . Hahaha . Gue qualify buat fear factor ternyata :p 
Terus ada permainan menggelikan yang mesti ada yang mindah-mindahin belut , karena gak ada yang mau , gue step up deh , alhasil gue mindah2in belut dengan trik-trik gue yang ngaco-ngaco tapi mujur , jadi team gue menang . Hahaha :p 
Terus malemnya si tital adain pengumuman , kurang lebih kayak gini "Gue mo ngasih apresiasi buat seseorang yang udah berkorban buat team nya , nunjukkin karakter leadership, bla3 ... " 
Sama sekali gak terlintas di pikiran gue kalo itu tuh gue , ternyata dia manggil nama gue , dan gue super shock ! Whhahaha :p 
Tapi super seneng juga :) Tapi sekarang cincinnya udah pecah , soalnya itu kae terbuat dari batu yang bisa pecah gitu , lupa namanya .)

5th of July-
"Huxx.. last day of i.p.. huww.. qta lg record lagunya tian yang I'll Stand By You.. Sama Moses , Oni , Kez .. Keren ^_^" 
(Gosh , I remember the fun we had together T_T I miss you guys :'( )

Masih super banyak , tapi these are the moments I want to remember for the rest of my life :) 
So , until the next blog :D 

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I guess I'm just Emo-Mazinggg :p

AUGUST 27TH 2008

08:23 P.M

Some people said that my posts have been really emo these days . 
Well because I can't just post about the up side of life , that will be a fairytale life in which case , is not possible :p 
So , I'm going to post some good topics in this one :) 
How about that :p 

And I'm sort of blank about this one . 
Hahaha . 

Me joking me joking :p 

Okay , so , enaknya ngomongin apa yaa ? 
Let's see , akhir-akhir ini ada apa sih yang bisa diomongin ? 
Ah , Independence Day !!! :) 
Ah yes , my beloved Indonesia . Udah tua juga ya , 63 taon . 
(Udah basi , sih . But I can't think of any other topic)

Semoga gak ada lagi yang aneh-aneh kayak orang gay bunuh-bunuh dengan acara mutilasi , ato sinetron yang di-dubbing lagi ya . 
Ato yang ada naga terbang-terbang segala dengan poor quality of animation . Sorry , man . 
That's the awful truth .

Semoga smakin inovatif dan kreatif tanpa harus nyontek acara orang lain macem Deal or No Deal , ato Missing Lyrics . 
Padahal Om gue di Perth baru aja ngomong ke gue pas lagi nonton bareng acara 'Celebrity Singing Bee' di TV , 'Bentar lagi di Indo juga ada acara beginian .'
Ajaibnya , kurang dari seminggu , keluar tuh acara di Indonesia bertema Missing Lyrics .
Astaganagabonarjadidua . 
Indonesia paling nomer satu dalem ngikut-ngikutin acara orang luar deh . 
Kalo berani tuh ikutin sono acara 'The Moment of Truth' !
MWHAHAHA (kaenya seneng bener)

Belom lagi gossip-gossipnya cuma muter-muter situ-situ aja . Ada yang cere , ada yang kawin sirih (maap ya mba Mayang) , ada yang selingkuh , OH ngomong-ngomong soal selingkuh , kenapa semua vokalis band Indo pada berhidung belang ? Sammy Kerispatih , Bams Samsons , Ariel Peterpan , belom lagi yang baru-baru ini digosipin , vokalis The Titans . 
Wow , ajaib juga ya gue tau beginian . 
Ato gak , gosipnya cuma orang pada trash-talk seseorang yang punya accent 'unik' . 
Ya ya , gue gak usah ngomong nama , cuma , udah lah , give her a break ! 
Setidaknya dia concern sama Indo , buat anak-anak yang education-less . I mean , dia provide it , because , as she said , 'Education is number one'
Ato topic nya tentang artis-artis Indo yang make bikini . 
I mean like , gak ada topik laen ya ? Sampe you're so desperate to bring this kind of topic to the surface yang very VERY unimportant . Wow .
Yang ngedidik dikit napa ? 
Yang bikin gue ngakak sampe bener-bener WAKAKAKKAKAKA adalah pas waktu kapan ya gue lupa , ditanya satu artis afal gak Pancasila , dengan pedenya ngomong afal , afal . Nyatanyaaa , pas disuruh sebutin , yang pertama , 'Ketuhanan yang maha Esa .'
Woo , jago .
EH , pas yang kedua , 'Kemanusiaan yang adil dan biadab .'
GYHAHAHAAHA gue udah gak tahan lagi dah , kocak cak cak cak !!!

Gue gak pernah terlalu mengesampingkan seseorang ato mengelu-elukan seseorang ampe gimana banget ya karena , gue selalu putih . Gue pikir , YASUDAHLAHYAAA , kayak kenal aja . 
Buat apa ngomongin dia ato ngurusin urusan dia , berasa artis lagi- 
Hahaha emang udah yakk ?

And the reality show , it's real alright ...
Ketara banget pake skenario dan pemainnya adalah orang-orang amatir bayaran . 
Wew . 
Kayaknya deepest concern gue sekarang ada pada dunia entertainment yang isinya orang-orang nge-drugs . 
Whatta role model for young people . 
Yaaaaah , mo gimana ya , orang-orang berpendidikan di Indonesia ngabur ke luar negri , dan yang tersisa hanya mereka yang kurang berpendidikan alias otak korupsi terus . Mo gimana dong ? 
Semoga semua orang nyadar kalo perubahan bermulai dari dirinya sendiri , dan hal kecil pun bisa berbuah jadi hal besar . 
Amin :)

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Stand Up , Speak Up .

AUGUST 23RD 2008

08:44 P.M

That quote may ring a bell , because yes , it was taken from a very famous wrist band , that was once became a very famous ad by Nike , campaigned by Thierry Henry , that oh-so famous soccer player . 
The wrist band was designed pretty simple , it was colored black and white , and it's like two separated bands attached to one another . 
The message was quite simple- against racism .
You guys might think it's pretty random that I know about these kinds of stuffs , well it's because my brother has one :p 
And so , I decided to search it up on the internet out of curiosity :p

And it inspired me to make this post . I think it's time for us to make a stand . Aren't you guys tired of being not heard , unappreciated , and lead to things you don't want to do ? 
People used to say , 'be yourself' , but how can you do that when others are pushing you around , ganging up on you , trying to force you to be someone else ? 
I think you should never let someone get into your head . 

And you know what's worse than lying to someone else ? It's lying to yourself . 
Because when you try to play it off , play along just so that you can fit in , you don't get any happiness in your life , you get hurt , and you yourself is your worst enemy . 

And you can't always have what you want , but you have to ALWAYS try :) 
Because you'll never know ;) 
We can have it all ! We just can't have it all at once :D 
Hard work does pay off ! Patience does , too :) 

You may act like everything is A-OK and perfect in life when it's really wasn't , but sooner or later , you'll reach a point where you're just so sick and fed up of hiding behind somebody else's shadow . 
Somebody you're not . 
You can keep on running from the truth , but you can't hide from it for the rest of your life . 
So , it's now or never , people ! :) 
I'm posting stuffs that I feel like saying , I'm not trying to be someone to be recognized or praised , there's this saying that I feel somewhat meaningful :)

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle . "

Nice , ey ? :) 
Whatever trouble you are in , remember that sometimes the sky needs to be a little too dark just so that we can see the stars above :) 
Don't be pessimistic , everytime a door closes , another one opens ! :D 
Don't hesitate to take risks , but be responsible about it :D 
Take life on its positive sides , you'll find it easier to handle ;)
Never talk defeat , use words like hope , believe , faith , & victory ;)

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Hug hug hug :)

AUGUST 12TH 2008
10:29 P.M

Well , I'm not talking about hugging someone , it's more of a thing , one really important thinggg :) 
That is , TREEEEES :) 

I'm pretty concern about how the weather is getting really messed up because our one and only Earth has been pretty 'sick' lately , one of the thousands of reasons that made Earth changed so much was that the amount of trees have been reduced drastically , when actually , trees produce tons of oxygen that make the environment smell better and well , more pleasant :p 
One of the many ways that trees have been reduced was that trees have been chopped off for countries that are having their winter because they may put our neighborhood in danger , but , there are tons of places which need trees to be planted , so that it can be cooler because it provides shade :D 
So , for all friends who have the same passion to save the Earth , and have no idea how to get involved , here's some of the brilliant ideas of how you can help save the nature by what you love doing most , BEING ONLINEEE :) 


Please visit www.plantabillion.org , or www.mybabytree.org , and see how YOU can make a difference !!! :D
Your PRETrEE friend (HAHAHA) , 
Nadia :)

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Never Better :)

AUGUST 20TH 2008

10:37 P.M

Two important details that helped me to really , totally forget someone . 
One , find someone new , try to be open , think of positive things , embrace those things that are coming in your way ! 
Don't let one thing get in your head and be depressed about it :) 
Tell someone about your feelings , or talk to a blog , maybe :p 

If that doesn't work , well , you just have to wait until that person hurt you so badly that you can't barely think about that someone anymore . 
In my case , number one NEVER worked , number two always does . 
Well , everyone write their own stories in their own books , don't they ? 
Like I said before , it's those scars and bruises that helped us to be stronger each day :D 
And never wanting to go back :) 

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Headstrong .

AUGUST 11TH 2008

08:13 P.M

I think I got used to losing people I got immunized to it . 
Well especially those that I truly love . 
Well I have my cry , but got over it the next minute . 
I sleep on everythinggg , well maybe except on major MAJOR problems . 

I feel like people are getting really untrustworthy these days . I'm terrified because the fact is , the people who have the ability to hurt me the most are the people that I care about most . 

It's something that I can just feel , whether someone is truly trustworthy or when they're just being such suck-ups !

I find it very funny because those who are really close to me can be very disappointing , but those who I don't know that well can make me feel like I've known them my whole entire life . 

That might be one of the thousands of reasons I became very secured about my life . Like when people ask how I've been , I'll just say that everything is good , I'm doing fine like always , but I don't always mean it . 
Well ... most of the time ;)

I truly believe , that one thing in life , even a very small thing that happen in our lives , can turn our lives 180 degrees . You just have to prepare for it , it may happen anyhow , anywhere , anytime :) 

And if you really feel that you're good at something , go for it :) 
Despite all the crap things people may say about you , hey , you can't make everyone love you , no matter how nice or even though you give the lovey dovey treatment to everybody , some of them might be really fake , and even hate you . 

So if you're given the chance of a lifetime , followed by your own determination , I'd say , give it a shot :D 
You get one chance in life , be precise ! 
I know it's easier said than done , but I hope you find these things helpful :)

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Big Yellow Taxi-

JULY 30TH 2008
07:36 p.m

"Don't it always seem to go ? 
That you don't know what you got til it's gone..." 

I guess , this is so true :) 
Life lesson I want to share for the day ... 

Never , I mean , NEVER , trust someone easily . 
Trust is something someone should earn , because some people don't deserve the trust they receive , and they tend to take it for granted . 

Mostly , don't love someone easily . 
If trust is something someone should earn , then love is something someone should gain . 

I did both of them , I realized how dumb it was to trust and love someone at the same time and knowing that the person you love and trust , just doesn't do the same thing to you :) 
It's pathetic , I know . 
Well , I guess I'd rather die a hero than live long enough to see yourself a villain . 
HAHAHA okay , okay , gak nyambung . 
Maklum , korban film :p 
Oh well ... 

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Daydreaminggg :p

JUNE 28TH 2008

09:38 P.M

Someone who is not afraid to express his feelings , not afraid to turn down a date just because he doesn't feel like going to one . 
Who always try not to hurt my feelings , even when he wants to criticize . 
Whose honesty makes me fall in love all over , and whose loyalty make me never wanting to let go . 
Someone who can make me laugh even at times i don't even want to smile at all . 
To surprise with sweet kisses on the forehead or on the cheek :) 
Someone who introduces me to his fellas and say , 'This is the girl i'm crazy about , ' 
Someone who would keep his promises and wait for hours just to see me for ten minutes , even when it's late . 
Someone who is not shy to tell about relationship to his parents or mine :):):) 
Someone who would say i love you , and means it . 
Someone who would accompany me to the groceries store just to buy an ice cream without the whining or the complains . 
Someone who has the courage to say that sex can wait . 
Someone who looks good and handsome without putting much effort into it . 
Someone who would tell me i'm beautiful even when my eyes are red and tears are running down my face :) 
Someone , somewhere , someday :)

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Some people are just not worth the tears T_T

JUNE 23RD 2008
05:38 P.M

Yes , i'm disappointed , as you can see . 
Well i'm just tired of being betrayed , or being backstabbed and knowing that who did those stuffs are the people you care most about is truly devastating T_T 

i seriously have lost my trust for such friendship :( 

you might think im crazy for typing these kind of stuffs at blog when people dont really care about me , and some of them dont even know me :) 
but well yea , writing blogs make me feel happier , at least all those stupid thoughts i have are outta my head :p 
and yes , i do spill out these crazy things to posts and stuffs like these because i can truly be myself to it , and i dont have to worry much about hurting someone else's feelings or whatever , because it's what i feel inside , and those are personal opinions , you dont have to like it if you dont want to , those are ur opinions too , and i appreciate it . 

i'm random , weird , and yes crazy sometimes :p 
just might give you just a glimpse of what you're getting yourself into ! 
hahaha :p 
ah well , there goes my craziness :D hahahahaha ! 
i'm so melancholic that i might have the mood to post blogs 2 times a day , or if im not in the mood , i might not be posting any in like ... weeks x)

well , adios :)

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Comparison .

JUNE 15TH 2008
02:57 P.M

Baru aja baca buku ada unsur-unsur 'comparison' nya . Langsung buat ini jadi topik aja deh , lagian gue lagi mood abis-abisan ngomong pake bahasa indo . Sedikit cape pake bahasa inggris tak ada henti-hentinya . Bukannya sombong , tapi ya ada kalanya cintai bahasa asal tempat kelahiran . Haha :p 

Gue lagi asli males banget sama orang-orang yang gak henti-hentinya banding-bandingin gue sama orang lain . Gak usah jauh-jauh deh contohnya aja , tampang . 
'Lo mirip sama mantan gue deh , si ini' , 'Lu mirip siapa gitu deh , mukanya familiar . OOOH si itu tuh- bla bla bla' , ato 'Kaenya gue sering liat muka lu deh' . Ya ini lah beberapa contoh frase yang keluar dari beberapa orang akir-akir ini . Mo jujur sih , gue cukup muak sama impression kae gtu- apalagi kalo baru kenal sama gue , reaksinya begitu , wah ilfeel to the max ! 
Kesannya muka gue pasaran banget- 
Mo mirip artis kek , mba-mba es campur kek , sama aja gue merasa offended . 
Apalagi sodara gue sendiri (titin loh , kawan-kawan , yang di isu-isu kan mirip sama gue) , ngotot bilang gue mirip Chelsea Olivia , dari semenjak jamannya si chelsea baru keluar , sinetron liontin ato apa lah itu .
Dan fyi , disitu tuh dia super cupu , dibilang mirip?! Astaga naga bonar jadi duaaaaa ! 
Dan bukan cuma dia yang ngomong gue mirip chelsea olivia , ada 4 orang lainnya yang gue temui beberapa kali ngomong kayak gitu . Ih masa jodoh gue gak jauh-jauh kayak si Alinskie ato Ricky Harun itu ?
Masyarakat . 
Jangan sampe . 

Malesin banget deh orang yang nyama-nyamain muka gue sama orang lain , apalagi sampe ngomong gue ngingetin seseorang sama MANTANNYA ! OMG kelaut aje . 
Kayak dulu di friendster , ada yang add gaktau siapa sih , cakep juga . Cuma yang nge-ilfeel in , dia langsung ngasi comment 'U mirip sama ex gue deh si 'blablabla' .' 
Lu serius ?! Do you really think that will make a good first impression ? 
Amit . 
Basa basi kek , nice to meet you , thanks for approvin' , apa kek . Ngak ada sentence bagusan dikit ya ? 
Langsung gue delete aja dia , sentimen gue .

Kalo ada yang kira gue terlalu lebaaay , ato lebih-lebihin hal kecil , well , it's not . It is A HUGE DEAL FOR ME ! 
Sekali dua kali oke lah , mungkin emang beberapa orang ada mirip-miripnya sama gue , tapi kalo kebanyakkan , eneg juga lama-lama . 
Menurut gue sih mereka yang ngomong gitu canggung aje mo muji gue , cuma mereka hesitate gitu (HAHAHA PEDEEE . Let me have my moment , lagi panas oiiiii)

Perbandingan lain , apa yaa ? Banyak sih sebenernya , cuma gue udah males nge jabarin satu-satu . 
Hahahahaha , until then...
The next blog ! 

Emuaaah :)

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Macho Futuristico .

JUNE 15TH 2008
03:35 P.M

Ah , kalo ngomongin future , gue jadi deg-degan sendiri . 
Secara gue ngerasa kayaknya gak cukup hidup gue buat nge-fulfill semua yang ada di otak gue . 
Pardon me , i'm right brained . 
Jadi jangan kaget kalo gue itu imajinatif setengah hidup , dan punya ratusan hal melayang-layang di pikiran gue . 
Itulah gue , si pemimpi . 
That's why gue butuh orang ber-otak kiri , buat merealisasikan semua imajinasi gue ! 
Mungkin gara-gara itu juga yaa , most of my best friends are left-brained . (Hahaha , gak nyambung :p) 
Banyak differences dalam cara mikir sih , cuma somehow click aja . Kalo ngomong sama temen yang right-brained tuh gak ada abis-abisnya , gue imagine ini , dia lebih lebay , gue lebih lebay lagi , dia mangkin lebay , gak abis-abis deh . Kalo sama left-brained kan gue berimajinasi , dan dia langsung snap me out of myself , dan bantu gue merealisasikan imajinasi itu :p

Okay so , gue tuh dari duluuuuu banget tuh interested sama psychology , tapi banyak banget orang ngomong ke gue that i'll fit for communication perfectly , BUT my parents want me to go for business insteaaad ! 
Hmm , i know it's tough , but i dont know why , i like to draw A LOT these days , so i'm considering about taking design , too , although i still have no clue on what to take , untuk men-detail maksudnya . Paling yaa , either fashion or interior . 

Mari kita saring bersama-sama .
Jabarkan satu-satu .
Mungkin itu cara salah satu cara ampuh memilih jurusan .

Psychology itu bisa digolongkan lumayan susah , secara harus banyak baca buku , gue sih fine sama baca buku dan lain-lain , tapi for 6 years in a row ? Buat sebuah gelar , hanya baca-baca buku ? Kata parents gak worth it . 
Communication , banyak banget orang slawar-sliwir di industri ini , yakin bisa bersaing ? 
Oohhh nooooo ! 
Bukannya gak bisa , tapi gue harus selalu aware akan orang-orang baru bermunculan di industri ini , knowing that no matter how good i am , there's someone out there willing to be better than me ! 
Ah , ribet-ribet . 
Kalo business , wah math emang pelajaran yang menantang sedari dulu , paling maknyos . 
Untuk deal sama subject yang satu itu untuk SEUMUR HIDUP , despite i finish on this major , i have to work my ass off COUNTINGGG , OMG MAMI PAPI TEGA BANGET . 
Nah , kalo design , asik niih , secara gambar-gambar , nyambung sama otak kanan gue yang mayan lancar , cuma tugasnya , gue yakin bakalan disuru gambar mulu ampe tangan keropos , dan ujung-ujungnya nanti kerja nya cuma musiman , kalo lagi banyak order-an sih oke , giliran sepi , wah peyot deh gue nganggur . 

Intinya , penjabaran satu-satu juga sangatlah tidak berguna .
Well , maybe sedikit , tapi tetep aja tuh saya masih bingung . Gyaaa ! 
Mungkin yang paling ampuh hanyalah berdoa... 
Dan berharap...
Dan inget kalo future gue indah cuz' udah dipegang Tuhan;
Halleluya ! :p

AH tapi tapi , palingan tuh yaa ujung-ujungnya gue juga 'bekerja' diblakang , alias di dapur , masak buat anak dan bojo-bojo ku . Hikshiks . 
Eh , salah , maksud gue buat anak-anak dan bojo ku . HAHAHA !

Bikin puyenggg . Tapi daripada pusing-pusing mending bikin aja usaha macem Bakmi Pelangi , ya ga pi ? 
HAHAHA aduh jadi laper . 
Well , ngomongin beginian kaga ada abis-abisnya yeee :p Mending udahin dulu dehhh . 
Adios amigos ! :)

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That hard to be famous .

JUNE 4TH 2008
07:20 P.M

I'm just helping my bobo (boyfriend :p) out , which is David Archuleta *faints* , who has been the talk of the whole United States , saying that he's gay .
And plus , there's tons of people on YouTube who kept on making these false , harsh videos towards him , like for instance , this following video i've just watched , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpH91QSWvbw , with an even asundering theme ,
' David Archuleta's Gay Relationship Exposed ' .

As i've expected , it is FAKE ! as fake as the rumors going on about David Archuleta ! 

here's a video that clarifies about the fake videos that person made .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tyOo3uVfwo&feature=related , with a theme of relief , ' David Archuleta rumor is not true ' .

Well people just can't accept the fact that he's adorable and has an amazing voice ! so that people kept on accusing him these horrible things towards him .
OMG , i mean like , really , get a life , those people really should . Just because they can't be as famous as the people they're trashing about , that doesn't mean that it gives them the right to say such mean words and very untrue statements ! 

Oh well , i'm just here to set the records straight , David Archuleta is NOT gay , and HE SHOULD HAVE WON AMERICAN IDOL ! 
whoopee David :)
i support you ALL THE WAAAY :)

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Life is definitely a Fairytale-

JUNE 2ND 2008
08:18 P.M


ah yes , all we see in those crappy movies are just a bunch of lies . there is no prince charming , no spectacular wedding... no happily ever after's- 

dan sekarang berdiam diri disini , gak tau mau ngapain , kehilangan kata-kata buat ditulis (maksudnya ketik) . being random . people's faces are running through my minds , i miss them a lot :( 

'Dan merekapun hidup bahagia selama-lamanya...' 
Bullshark (jadi inget AquaMarine) . 
mami yang super bawel , bokap yang super sibuk , big bro yang super rese ! ah yes , my life can't get anymore better . 

dikamar saudara gue yang super comfy :) i love my cousin . i feel like she's all i got for now-
everyone's so... far away :( 

what are friends for ? 
no , that's not a trick question that doesn't need an answer . i seriously asked that question- 
that means i need an absolute answer , which i obviously haven't figured out (just yet) . 
if they are meant to steal your crushes (or in some of your cases , boyfriends) , then in that case , i don't need a friend . if they are meant to backstab you , i don't need em' too . if they are meant to betray you , i don't need a friend either . 

i need people with unconditional love , so that this world will be a better place ! 
okaaay im outta here peeps !

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It hurts for not knowing;

MAY 30TH 2008
10:24 P.M

Have you ever feel like saying something but never really get the chance to say it ?
Have you ever kept something to yourself that it hurts so bad to see it was too late ? 
Have you ever regretted the fact that you lied to yourself just for someone else's happiness ? 
Have you ever change your mind just because someone dragged you to ? 
Have you ever thought that it was the right thing to do , and turned out it wasn't ?

I've been there , yes , it is as bad as it sounds . As a matter of fact , it's worse :( 
Imperfection has been haunting me these days . 
What will life be when it was all made oh-so perfect ? 
I'm thankful that God allowed bad things to happen , so that we all will be able to thank the good things (that usually don't last) to happen to us . 
I'm thankful that i don't make the right choices , so that i can see through some other people's glasses about life , knowing what i never had known . 

Usually we mistaken life by running , jumping , and flying , to reach there . 
Where is this 'there' , refer to ? Happiness ? Dreams ? A good life ? 
Where is this destination we all tend to aim ? 
How do we get there ? 

The answer is actually lying there all this time , waiting for us to see with our own two eyes .
That's why , we just don't get it , we keep on asking these silly questions about life , where actually small things are answers to big questions (: 

It's those bruises that make us never wanting to repeat the mistakes we've made . 
It's those scars that make us remember that our past molds our future . 
It's those choices we make that expose the 'true person inside each one of us .'

Let's just say , we're all pretty lucky that we all have one thing in common . That is , we're all different in our own ways (;
Life is what you make out of it ! The power to succeed or fail is yours alone (;


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Don't tell me you're sorry , cause' you're not;

MAY 28TH 2008
10:06 P.M 

Agh yes , that new single by Rihanna has been ringing in my head . 
Because Indonesia has just celebrated its National Awakening Day , i'll just make this blog in Indonesia :) 
Ehehehe :p 
Gak kepikiran banyak mo nulis apa sih . Mendingan ngisi2x smacem bulletin board aja ya , supaya yang baca pada tau gue lebih banyak :) 
(Haduh kok jadi canggung gini ya :p) 


Satu barang yang buat kamu betah dirumah ?
- PC//psp :p 

Satu barang yang bisa buat kamu senang ?
- Food ? hahahahaaha :p

Satu kata yang bisa bikin mata kamu liatin terus ?
- 'SALE'
mwhiahiahiaahiahia :p

Satu kata yang kamu katakan setiap hari ?
- 'Thanks'

Satu barang yang kamu idam2x kan untuk punya ?
- Yaris berwarna coklat karamel x)

Satu sifat kamu yang paling kamu gak suka ?
- Nunda2x things to do .

Satu habit baru kamu ?
- Errm apa ya , kalo nyalain PC sambil nunggu loading apa segala maenin PSP :p

Satu orang yg kamu sayang ?
- Dor .

Satu orang yang kamu gak suka ?
- Sipalsu .

Satu barang yang paling handy ?
- Laptop//HP .

Satu hal yang udah ngerubah hidup kamu ?
- Banyak bngetbngetbngetan :p gak cukup satu-

Satu lagu yang kamu suka banget ?
- When it was me- Paula DeAnda

Satu lagu yang baru aja kamu terima/download ?
- Sent: Take a Bow- Rihanna , Downloaded: lama bnget , udh lupa .

Satu film kesukaan kamu dari dulu ?
- Coach Carter ! and Facing the Giants ! truly life changing :)

Satu film yang pengen kamu tonton ?
- Transformers 2 // Iron Man 2 :p

Satu orang yang buat kamu seneng tiap hari ?
- God :) :) :)

Satu film yang kamu mau bintangin ?
- Transformers 2 ! Aww aww shia :)

Satu orang yang ada dipikiran kamu ?
- Feli :)

Satu alesan kenapa mikirin dia ?
- Pengen ke Hamburggggg;

Satu orang yang naik di mobil atau pesawat sama kamu ?
- Mobil : Mom , Pesawat : Mom

Satu kata sebelum nutup ini ?
- Good Nite (and thanks)


Hahaha :p
Itu geje sangat sangat sangat bngetbngetbngetan;
Gaktau mo ngapain .
Sampai nantiii :)

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Will you say goodbye before you leave ?

MAY 22ND 2008
09:59 P.M

Just watched the A.I finale , and Cook wins the whole thing :( But Archuleta still has a car , a HYBRID ! (environment friendly car , fyi) still am bummed about Archuleta losing the competition , but hey , he's a winner and everything's just the beginning for him ! 
Yeayyyyy ! :D 

Bad news that i heard about Archuleta is that he's GAY ?! 
No wayyy , can't be :( 
Rumors spread in the States before the Finale , maybe that's what costing him the votes :( 
He lost about 12 million votes- less than what Cook got (the total of the votes are an estimated 97.5 million votes , breaking the record from the previous idol Finale) 

And there's performances by The Jonas Brothers , Carrie Underwood , Bryan Adams , Jordin Sparks , and the top 12 Finalists , to name a few , there's like appearance by other well known celebrities :) 

Hopefully the gay rumor will soon fade away , and can see more of Archie :)


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Thirst-Day :p

MAY 20TH 2008
10:06 P.M

It's a Thursday and i have no idea what im about to write here in my blog :) 
Well i'm going to write a poem that i made like a long time ago , something that i felt i need to pour out in a piece of paper (that's totally me , i don't tell people when i'm upset or pissed) . 
And so here it goes-

How does it feel to fall ?
To see everything you worked for is for nothing at all... 
How does it feel to lose ? 
Especially someone who gives you boost... 
How does it feel to fade ? 
Knowing someone you used to love turned to hate... 

And to cry out the most- 
Losing someone you should've held close... 
To be at the lowest point in life- 
Letting go of what was worth your strive... 
All you do was to imagine yourself holding his hand- 
So close , unconditionally til' the end... 

Too personal , yea , you can say that ;p 
Ha !
I love this poem so much , i dont know why . 
I know it's not that good , but it's the only poem that i've written in tears (literally) .
I don't have to tell y'all why , i'm such a cry-baby ;p 
Well that is all :D

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MAY 9TH 2008
07:17 P.M

Hello girls and boys , ladies and gentlemen , female and male fellows :)

I've never speak about guys frankly in this blog . i got my own reasons (: but i'm straight , just so you know . haha (:

well i read this article which kinda 'inspire' me to make this blog . 
it tells about how there are some 'rights' that boys supposedly have ( well actually , deserve ) , but girls 'prohibit' these rights because of some compulsions those girls ( correction , usgirls :p ) force out of guys . if you don't get it , don't worry , it's kind of confusing , i know ;p this is just my summary , i'll tell you about it more , with details (;
There are actually more 'rights' that were discussed in this article , but i'll just write the main things ayttttt (:

Here are the rights that actually , guys had to have :)

1.Right to bring the emotions out
One thing that is really important that girls tend to forget about man is that guys are human beings that have feelings too , and sometimes they're not as 'manly' or as 'tough' as you think they are . being embarassed by a girl ( most likely , his girlfriend) , like a 'public break-up' might drop his mental down and even might not be strong enough to keep all those tears in !

2.Right to play with their 'toys'
It is kind of annoying when a guy is busy with soccer , basketball , or any particular sports that he's into . or maybe with his group band , or even his video games . unfortunately girls , it is extremely hard to break his habit 100% . even though he grows 'older' , that doesn't mean that he'll be losing his hobbies as well .

3.Right to have a 'no-girls-time'
Guys can be turned down easily if his girlfriend or his crush is 24/7 in contact ( or even everrrywhere ) with him . he does need to hang out with his friends , just chilling , or even sleep all day without any disturbance from anyone , including us , girls :) 
it even gives him more time to miss us :) haha !

4.Right to dress up
If girls are allowed to dress up for hours just to look good , why can't guys ? We have tons of terms for clothings ! High-waist skirt , sleeveless , puffy shorts , ruffled arm , denim skirt , and loads more ! while guys , they have their well-known t-shirts and jeans ! so it's okay to express themselves the way they want to , like wearing pink top , vest ( ooh la la ) , or  even a fedora :)

5.Right to not always be the starter
In this 'normal' world , guys would do all the work around here ! asking our name , our number , or even tell us how they truly feel ( whoopee :D ) . but they can also be the one who has to just wait , especially guys who are shy and who has issues about expressing their feelings to girls ! not all guys are that confident around girls you know :)

I AGREE 1000000000000000 % !
Haha :)
The real article was in indonesian language , it was much longer , so i wanted to translate it to english , and it's not exactly like what was written in the magazine , i added my own twist to it :)
Okay so by what i think... It is okay for guys to cry ! even for me , guys are at their sexiest when they cry ;p it just shows their vulnerable side , and that they have feelings too (:
and i'm also okay about the second point , i heard before that guys never grow up , good thing by some points though . and yea , i see the 3rd point happening a lot , that girls are all around his life , wanting his attention and all . lol .
and yea , it's cute when guys wear pink ( if it fits them , some guys choose the pink t-shirt that are like tooooo tight that it looks like it's even hard for him to breathe :p  ) , or like guys wearing skinny jeans . it's okay if it looks good on them , but if the guy is like stick-skinny , it's not nice to be seen at all x)

wanna know about girls' rights ? i'll make it simple & quick , since this blog is already long enough :p

1.Right to be annoying on PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
( Yes , guys , i experience this , all girls do . i don't get why it happens either , but it's hormones , we can't control this ! xp )
2.Right to be the starter
( Yes , we have the right to be the starter by showing how we truly feel towards guys ,without being called aggressive or bitchy ! )
3.Right to be listened
(Yes , please do listen to our opinions ,  don't think that we're irrelevant in the 'guys zone')
4.Right to be (not) straight to the point
( Well , you may say that girls are weird , because as a matter of fact , we kind of are ! we do spin around about what we talk about , we don't know what we want , and even don't know how we truly feel ! )
5.Right to protect our body 
( So puhleaaaze , no forcing if your girlfriend does not want to be touched in certain areas , or maybe hugged or kissed . )

'Nuff said :p

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Heart-Spilt .

MAY 8TH 2008
07:14 P.M

it's so boring in English claaass that i just had , so i wrote a poem , it's stoopid , because i don't know where did it came from ( inspiration , that is ) , but it turned out pretty well , but not too long (:

It really has been a while ,
To have someone that puts my smile ,
Knowing who to call in the pouring rain , 
My lover and my best friend (:
Someone i really require ,
Completes my heart with passion and desire ,
Who would put away all those grief , 
My fortress , my rock , my only relief , 
Whose sound is as soothing as a song ,
Even when he critics me when i'm wrong , 
Run on the beach , til our feet are sore ,
Stop when the sun sets , then run some more , 
Someone to share my every tear , 
Help overcome my every fear , 
Someone who would come to me and say , 
" You are beautiful in every way "

whoopwhoop :D
i have another one , but imma post it later on :)
keep up your creative minds peeps ;)

(c) Nadia Juliana

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been a while

MAY 6TH 2008
09:32 P.M

been a while since my last post . well things have been , hectic . 
i've been sick (literally) , there are some things changing every now and then , not just my temperature , but my overall life . 

well last thursday was a public holiday , it's the Ascension Day , and my parents' cell group were going out together , doing fishing (fyi , this is my first fishing trip) . the place is okay , took about an hour and a half to go there . there are like 6 to 7 families that went there . sadly , i was the only teenager there . the others are old peeps and lil children . i got nothing to do there but to babysit )'; 

sounds sad ? not quite . i got the chance to fish and caught one small fish , like about 15 cms long , well it's too small to eat so i let it go swim in the pond again ;p hahaha i'm a bad fisher(wo)man . well after that we ate and we ate and we ate until my tummy hurts . ooh and there are cute lil doggies there , about 6 dogs , 4 are puppies , i assume the other two are their parents ;p hahah just kidding , they are xp okay that was a bad joke . 
the lil kiddies planned to bring the puppies home , so i helped them name those puppies , they are named Boogey , Woogey , Oogey , and Junior (a.k.a Eeyore , it's its nickname ;p) pretty cute , ey :D did a good job on babysitting , i played with them and their puppies while the grown ups were chit chatting . there were about 7 or 8 kids , boys and girls (:
but too bad the kids can't bring home their lil cute puppies bcause the puppies still need to breast-feed , so they won't survive without their Mom ): the kids cried and i cheered them up , telling em' that they can come back here after the puppies grow a lil bit and they got over it :)
whoopee im such a good babysitter (hahaha like it's something to be proud about)

a sad thing happened the day after , i was sick ):
it's cause i took my lunch late , i had it at about 3 p.m , and it's cause' i was having so much fun with the kids and puppies .
i woke up at 2 a.m in the morning , i ran to the bathroom , ended throwing up , and can't get out of bed til 10 a.m , my mom found me lying in bed looking ill , so she took care of me .
long story short , i got better , and the day after i went to Vina's and had a BBQ dinner with Chrystal , Christine , Rien , Shena , Maria , Berta , Genevie & Nita . There are Vina's family as well , like Philip & Katrina , her cousins :)
Fun night :)

i was feeling quite unwell after the BBQ dinner , but i didn't threw up x)

on the bright side , i got to watch IRONMAAAYN yesterday :) good movie indeed (: must be one huuuge budget movie , pretty cool graphics d:

oh well i might as well post a review now (:
adios , amigos (:

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APRIL 9TH 2008

01:26 P.M

MySpace , YouTube , MetaCafe & Rapidshare udah ditutup u/ para Indonesian citizens ! 
It gives me one more good reason why i should head overseas REAL REAL SOOOOON !

It's getting on my nerves :(
Dan ternyata gak cuma gue doang kok yang gak setuju sama hal ini , banyak juga orang protes soal website-website itu pada ditutup.. Kayaknya setau gue officially ditutup itu kalo gak salah tanggal 8 April kemaren ini..
Seriously , when will this country move forward if the people living inside it are not allowed to explore the world by these oh-so-helpful websites !
YouTube and MySpace for instance , udah berapa banyak group band atau soloist yang di discover lewat situs-situs ini.. Sayang dong kalo musisi-musisi baru yang haven't got the chance to show their skills ditutup peluangnya gara-gara situs-situs ini di-cap sebagai pengedar porn..
Yang paling gue sayangin itu , 'the good people' yang emang nge-gunain these websites for positive things malah ikutan kena imbas gara-gara orang-orang pada jadiin websites ini jadi ajang penyebaran porn !
Ya mungkin the government gak mau supaya kids under-age pada download atau see porn , tapi gak bisa apa cara yang lebih efektif ?
Ah , YouTube , sangat disayangkan :(
MySpace juga , kalo misalnya ada updates dari official fan base yang tjadi sama musicians di luar maupun dalem negri , kita bisa tau like what's going on with their tour , when's the new album coming out , etc etc , nah ini udah ditutup rapet-rapet semua celahnya , MySpace , YouTube , gimana mau tau lagi sekaranggg :(
Here are some comments that i FULLY AGREE that i just saw posted on some blogs :) Some of these comments i found hilarious ! xp

'gw ngerti klo ada orang tua yang merasa was2 dan cemas klo anaknya main internet, tp di lain pihak, bisa kan anak2nya dibimbing? dan pemerintah urusin dulu yg bener rakyatnya, korupsinya, utang2nya, baru urusin yang lain-lain.

bayangin aja klo pelajar skrg ngga bisa cari bahan informasi lagi di internet, youtube is really useful. 

trus myspace, multiply, rapidshare... ngapain juga ikut"an di blockir? apa hubungannya coba... klo org mo liat videonya mah bisa aja langsung di download dr url nya. 

ck ck.. bukannya makin maju, makin mundur. balik aja ke jaman batu!'- cmatters

'Ini mah sudah lebih dari konyol tapi KEBANGETAN!!!

Ini bukan cuma membakar satu rumah karena ada tikus di dalamnya, tetapi sekalian rumahnya dibom atom!!'- Frank ,The True Believer

'maklumlah inikan indonesia negara yg hanya boleh dipimpin orang bodoh 
orang pandai indonesia gak akan kebagian jatah dipemerintahan ini
orang pandai indonesia cuma bisa ditemui di sektor swasta dan di luar negeri
coba bayangkan 
makan tahu,mi,bakso berformalin boleh 
menjual vcd bajakan boleh
,berjualan sampai tengah jalan boleh
buang sampah sembarangan boleh
parkir liar boleh
makanan mengandung pewarna tekstil boleh
tapi mengakses youtube ,myspace gak boleh ,apa boleh dibilang pemerintah itu pandai?'- ???????

'Gue ortu anak autis. Gara2 diblokir, ga bisa liat situs terapi anak autis lagi. Jadi mesti bergantung sama terapis yang sejam tarifnya 150ribuan. Padahal gue mesti terapi terus2an tiap hari. Sehari ga cukup sejam. Anak gue juga belajar/diterapi dari situs itu.
Gua doa-in 1000x sehari: Hai.. kamu... yang blokir... gue doa'in anak2 dan/ato cucu2-mu autis juga.. biar tau rasa kowe!'- earth love

'Tutup aja sekalian akses internet dinegeri ini kembali ke jaman batu .. Model orang yang cari solusi serba cepet dan mau gampangnya aja!
Ga semua orang kok pakai youtube buat hal negatif... Peace'- mAdInDo

'merdeka !!! buat para bangsa di luar indonesia.'-pamzoe

Well katanya sih Speedy sama FastNet bisa akses these websites yang ditutup , gue gak ngerti deh , yang pasti gue gak bisa buka those websites ! GRRRRR ! :'(
Drop off some comments , too , people (:
Spread the loveee <33

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Heart-Spilt . (Part 2)

MAY 8TH 2008
08:48 P.M

still was in my English class , got some assignments but did it pretty fast , so i did poetry on my spare time :p 

so the previous blog was one random poem , here's another one . well this one , it's pretty obvious , it's for a friend . still is . always will be . when i made a promise that i'd stick to someone , i try my best to fulfill it :)

I won't point fingers , we know who's wrong ,
But don't worry , i don't remember mistakes for too long ,
I know you have what i never will , 
Sooner or later , you'll pay the bill , 
Clean your thoughts that's full of dirt , 
Other than me , someone might get hurt , 
Well yea i found this a bit strange , 
But no worries , not a slice of revenge , 
A true best friend wouldn't have turned her back , 
You know that , 'cause that's a fact , 
You seemed lost , buy yourself a map , 
'Cause i dont see the point behind all those crap , 
Enjoy it , love it while it last , 
'Cause when you fall , you might fall fast , 
Baby , baby , i don't curse , 
No , it's not me , never from the first , 
You don't need to worry about me ,
I'm used to getting hurt , just let it be , 
You're the one who's pathetic and all alone ,
Careful , you won't know what you got til it's gone .

Whew , that's pretty long ! 
Mehhh , i dug deep :p
Well it's 'cause i've been having tonsss of thingggs running through my mind :(
And i thought what's better to tell it all if not by poetry ;p

i'll post some more poetry when i have the mood to . my fingers hurt , idk why :(
ttyl :)

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Meet You There (: Part 2

APRIL 9TH 2008
12.05 P.M

Yellowwwww peopleee :) 

Whoopeee , let's continue all the chit chats :) 

Well , on the 29th of March , we (Des , Mar , Kar and i) meet up with Bel and the rest of 'The Crew' at about 9.30 a.m in Pantai Mutiara before we head off to the island .
There are speedboats available for some people who want to ride it to the island , but i decided to ride on the boat instead :p Well it wasn't really much like a boat , it's almost like a yacht . We get to sit on the deck of the ship , and it was one sunny day i tell ya ;)

So it was about a one-hour ride to the island , and when i got there , i finally found out the name of the island ! It's Pulau Sekati :p The view there is amaaaaazing :D
And when we got there , we chill out for some time , take bunches of pictures :p and then we have some yummy yummy lunch ;)
After that was the most fun part ! We head off to the shore and ride on banana boat and speedboats :)
Well the people who ride on the same banana boat with me are all girls and we fell to the ocean only once ! ;) Well except for Karen , she fell twice :p
Too bad some of my friends didn't want to get wet and jump into the ocean :( After the banana boat ride , i got to ride the speedboat (finally) . Because there are plenty people who want to ride on the speedboat too , so it's more crowded than the banana boat queue :p
After that we change to dry clothes and then got in to the room there where we played cards , take pictures etc etc :p
We head back home at about 5 p.m and then watch the sun sets on the boat :):):)

Such a fun fun fun fun fun fun fun daaaaay :)
I hope we can gather around like this again and have tons of fun ! Bali , perhaps ;)

Hahahahaha :) 
About the title , it's this song by an old group band named Busted , consists of three people , and it's kind of the Jonas Brothers of our days :p They make good music , and i think they're British , like McFly :)
This song is so sweet and i love hearing to it !
Well i'm heading off to have my lunch :)
Bye2x !

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