20.03.08; 10.26 p.m

MARCH 20TH 2008
10.44 p.m

"Well it's just hours away til midnight , aaand tomorrow's Easter everyoneee ! Not that we celebrate it lavishly or anything , not as 'merry' as Christmas . Ooh well.. :p
Well I'll be going to church tomorrow I think :)


I went to PIM with Mom today .
So boreddd and well we pretty much just hang around :) hahaha
Mom hasn't been to PIM for quite some time , and she had forgotten how Zara at PIM was enormous and so she was being like "My my , I didn't remember Zara being this big ."
Saw some accessories and a couple of shoes caught my eye . And... the rest is history lol (;
We ate and then do some more shopping (and window shopping) til we felt tired and went to a coffee shop . After that we went straight back home with our swollen feet and a couple of shopping bags nyeheeheh (;
So , it's an okay day I guess (:

I have been listening to my dad old jazzy songs . By Kenny G , Tony Bennett and those old folks' stuffs . Speaking of jazz , there's this new hot Indonesian Jazz singer named Afgan Syah Reza , and I haven't seen him much on TV but I've fall in love with him already ! His voice deceived me ! When he first sang 'Ordinary People' by John Legend , I thought "Must be some 30ish year old guy."
Turns out to be this cute eighteen-year-old , wearing glasses , n well small guy (for his age) who sings my most favourite genre in the whole wide world , JAZZ ! nyhaaha x)

Oh well that is all :)"

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