...and the reason is you !


09:12 P.M

" I'm not a perfect person ,

I never meant to do those things to you "

Whoaw , bayangin satu orang yang pernah nyakitin lo parah banget . 

Paraaaaah banget . 

Ya , kalo gak , pikirin aja satu orang yang pernah ninggalin scar di hati lo . 

Entah temen bae lo , someone you fell hard for , or well I don't know , someone who never said their sorry , or maybe don't got the chance to say their sorry . 

Tiba-tiba dia ngomong gini ! WHOAH , gue akan tercengang and my jaw will literally drop ! 

Hahaha , well because I have one person in my mind , and I just imagine that this person would say this . 

My world would seriously stop for one second and couldn't say a word (Hahaha mulai lebay)

That was the first verse of the well-known Hoobastank song ! 

'The Reason .'

It was just about how some person change his life and who's probably the only reason why he wants to change . 

Second verse nya sih paling meganggg :p

" I'm sorry that I hurt you ,

It's something I must live with everyday ,

And all the pain I put you through ,

I wish that I could take it all away ,

And be the one who catches all your tears ,

That's why I need you to hear -"

Walah iya juga ya emo banget -_-

On the other side , there is no issues , just in my old-song mood again . 

And I feel like today is my lucky day !!!

WHOOOOO hopes so :)

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