Awaken by Reality .

01:56 P.M

"Second chances they don't ever matter , people never change 
Once a whore you're nothing more , I'm sorry that will never change"
That song is sang by probably the coolest band eveeerrrrr , Paramore :) 
Although it's not their new single or anything , I just feel like they write real music with real lyrics that I think probably anyone could relate to . 
Including meeeee :)

My brother tell me all the time that no one can ever change . 
So he doesn't believe in giving second chances to people . 
And I don't agree with it at first , but as life goes on , I realize that it is sooooo true !
(And I hate the fact that I have to admit he's right) 

I want to talk to this person I haven't got the chance to talk to .
'cause I thought I could leave the past behind me , but I just feel like I'm haunted by it .

I just don't get what's in your head when you had to hide , I mean , I kinda figured it out at first that you like him . 
Like when I had a fight with him , you told me I should just move on and forget about him , when you know (for sure) that I was so into him and can't do that easily . 
I mean , reality check ? You're my best friend , aren't you suppose to give me advices that help or something ? 

Gue ngerti lah suka sama orang itu gak dosa , but isn't hurting your best friend's a sin ? 
Apalagi harus ampe boong .
All you said were , "Yaudah lah ya , nasi udah jadi bubur ." 
I was like , whoaaah hang in there , is it really that easy ? Sheez . 

Padahal pas gue tanya , lo ada feeling sama dia ?
You said , Gak lahhh ! No worries , gue cuma pure "cc-dd" sama dia . 
Bullshit . 

Mostly , when you said you were neutral , and that you don't pick any sides , but clearly enough you were taking his side when you told him my secrets but when I asked you to spill his secrets , you said that you can't .

I should've listen to my brother too when he said , "Yaelah deee , yang namanya cc-dd , koko-dd tuuuh kaga adaaa yang ga ada feeling ! Gak mungkiiin !" 
I hate it when he's right (again !)

They said that I would do the same if I was in your position . 
Guess what , I've been down this road before , and I didn't do what you did . 
I'm not saying that I'm better than you are , I just think that friends should come before crushes , boyfriends or whatever .

And 3 months later I found out that you are dating him . 
Wow .
And I found that out from someone else . 

When I tried to text you and ask how are you and shits like that , you didn't replied . 
Great .
I didn't even mention anything about him .
I felt like an idiot ! Shouldn't even bother texting you . 

Well I guess , all those car rides you took , books and music albums you borrowed , and the lovey dovey stuffs as a friend didn't really caught your heart , ey ? 
Hahaha . 

I just don't get why you could put friendship at stake for something you know that wouldn't last-

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