been a while

MAY 6TH 2008
09:32 P.M

been a while since my last post . well things have been , hectic . 
i've been sick (literally) , there are some things changing every now and then , not just my temperature , but my overall life . 

well last thursday was a public holiday , it's the Ascension Day , and my parents' cell group were going out together , doing fishing (fyi , this is my first fishing trip) . the place is okay , took about an hour and a half to go there . there are like 6 to 7 families that went there . sadly , i was the only teenager there . the others are old peeps and lil children . i got nothing to do there but to babysit )'; 

sounds sad ? not quite . i got the chance to fish and caught one small fish , like about 15 cms long , well it's too small to eat so i let it go swim in the pond again ;p hahaha i'm a bad fisher(wo)man . well after that we ate and we ate and we ate until my tummy hurts . ooh and there are cute lil doggies there , about 6 dogs , 4 are puppies , i assume the other two are their parents ;p hahah just kidding , they are xp okay that was a bad joke . 
the lil kiddies planned to bring the puppies home , so i helped them name those puppies , they are named Boogey , Woogey , Oogey , and Junior (a.k.a Eeyore , it's its nickname ;p) pretty cute , ey :D did a good job on babysitting , i played with them and their puppies while the grown ups were chit chatting . there were about 7 or 8 kids , boys and girls (:
but too bad the kids can't bring home their lil cute puppies bcause the puppies still need to breast-feed , so they won't survive without their Mom ): the kids cried and i cheered them up , telling em' that they can come back here after the puppies grow a lil bit and they got over it :)
whoopee im such a good babysitter (hahaha like it's something to be proud about)

a sad thing happened the day after , i was sick ):
it's cause i took my lunch late , i had it at about 3 p.m , and it's cause' i was having so much fun with the kids and puppies .
i woke up at 2 a.m in the morning , i ran to the bathroom , ended throwing up , and can't get out of bed til 10 a.m , my mom found me lying in bed looking ill , so she took care of me .
long story short , i got better , and the day after i went to Vina's and had a BBQ dinner with Chrystal , Christine , Rien , Shena , Maria , Berta , Genevie & Nita . There are Vina's family as well , like Philip & Katrina , her cousins :)
Fun night :)

i was feeling quite unwell after the BBQ dinner , but i didn't threw up x)

on the bright side , i got to watch IRONMAAAYN yesterday :) good movie indeed (: must be one huuuge budget movie , pretty cool graphics d:

oh well i might as well post a review now (:
adios , amigos (:

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