Big Yellow Taxi-

JULY 30TH 2008
07:36 p.m

"Don't it always seem to go ? 
That you don't know what you got til it's gone..." 

I guess , this is so true :) 
Life lesson I want to share for the day ... 

Never , I mean , NEVER , trust someone easily . 
Trust is something someone should earn , because some people don't deserve the trust they receive , and they tend to take it for granted . 

Mostly , don't love someone easily . 
If trust is something someone should earn , then love is something someone should gain . 

I did both of them , I realized how dumb it was to trust and love someone at the same time and knowing that the person you love and trust , just doesn't do the same thing to you :) 
It's pathetic , I know . 
Well , I guess I'd rather die a hero than live long enough to see yourself a villain . 
HAHAHA okay , okay , gak nyambung . 
Maklum , korban film :p 
Oh well ... 

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