YES !!! Finally , My First blog is migrated !!!
THAT'S PROOF THAT HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF :) Hahaha okay so this blog was titled 'One Boring Valentine' on the 18th of
February on 08.00 p.m

So yeah , check it out :)

"OhMyGoodness :(

This Valentine made it official , 15 years of single-ness :(
LOL it has its own advantages though :p
i can go around whenever , wherever without anyone telling me who to go with , where to go to or those kinds of stuffs !
but still there's this curiosity about having a boyfriend :p
but it can wait :D
i'm not the type who has to have a guy close to me and saying babe , hon or wtv hahaha

so far the ones who can make me 'stay on track' is my family and friends :]
they're very supportive , they really respect me for the way i make decisions , take risks and the fact that i take control of my own choices :D

and i'd have to say that the Scripture molded my personality in many ways :D (in the boyfriend-perspective thing)
maybe people don't see it very clearly , but it's something that i have in my mind that i can't really explain :p
i just can differ the good and the bad somehow , and i'm really thankful i had that :D

and i just got some yummy chocolates from my friends at Valentine's :D
thanks fellas :p
i'm currently missing jacob LOL
i miss his teasings :p that was random :];]

well i'll see y'all later :D


FYI , Jacob was this friend of mine in Australia , a cool guy , but no , not 'that cool' . Hahaha , later , im'ma post some more from my old blog , now that I've figured out how !!! :D

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