Daydreaminggg :p

JUNE 28TH 2008

09:38 P.M

Someone who is not afraid to express his feelings , not afraid to turn down a date just because he doesn't feel like going to one . 
Who always try not to hurt my feelings , even when he wants to criticize . 
Whose honesty makes me fall in love all over , and whose loyalty make me never wanting to let go . 
Someone who can make me laugh even at times i don't even want to smile at all . 
To surprise with sweet kisses on the forehead or on the cheek :) 
Someone who introduces me to his fellas and say , 'This is the girl i'm crazy about , ' 
Someone who would keep his promises and wait for hours just to see me for ten minutes , even when it's late . 
Someone who is not shy to tell about relationship to his parents or mine :):):) 
Someone who would say i love you , and means it . 
Someone who would accompany me to the groceries store just to buy an ice cream without the whining or the complains . 
Someone who has the courage to say that sex can wait . 
Someone who looks good and handsome without putting much effort into it . 
Someone who would tell me i'm beautiful even when my eyes are red and tears are running down my face :) 
Someone , somewhere , someday :)

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