Headstrong .

AUGUST 11TH 2008

08:13 P.M

I think I got used to losing people I got immunized to it . 
Well especially those that I truly love . 
Well I have my cry , but got over it the next minute . 
I sleep on everythinggg , well maybe except on major MAJOR problems . 

I feel like people are getting really untrustworthy these days . I'm terrified because the fact is , the people who have the ability to hurt me the most are the people that I care about most . 

It's something that I can just feel , whether someone is truly trustworthy or when they're just being such suck-ups !

I find it very funny because those who are really close to me can be very disappointing , but those who I don't know that well can make me feel like I've known them my whole entire life . 

That might be one of the thousands of reasons I became very secured about my life . Like when people ask how I've been , I'll just say that everything is good , I'm doing fine like always , but I don't always mean it . 
Well ... most of the time ;)

I truly believe , that one thing in life , even a very small thing that happen in our lives , can turn our lives 180 degrees . You just have to prepare for it , it may happen anyhow , anywhere , anytime :) 

And if you really feel that you're good at something , go for it :) 
Despite all the crap things people may say about you , hey , you can't make everyone love you , no matter how nice or even though you give the lovey dovey treatment to everybody , some of them might be really fake , and even hate you . 

So if you're given the chance of a lifetime , followed by your own determination , I'd say , give it a shot :D 
You get one chance in life , be precise ! 
I know it's easier said than done , but I hope you find these things helpful :)

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