Heart-Spilt . (Part 2)

MAY 8TH 2008
08:48 P.M

still was in my English class , got some assignments but did it pretty fast , so i did poetry on my spare time :p 

so the previous blog was one random poem , here's another one . well this one , it's pretty obvious , it's for a friend . still is . always will be . when i made a promise that i'd stick to someone , i try my best to fulfill it :)

I won't point fingers , we know who's wrong ,
But don't worry , i don't remember mistakes for too long ,
I know you have what i never will , 
Sooner or later , you'll pay the bill , 
Clean your thoughts that's full of dirt , 
Other than me , someone might get hurt , 
Well yea i found this a bit strange , 
But no worries , not a slice of revenge , 
A true best friend wouldn't have turned her back , 
You know that , 'cause that's a fact , 
You seemed lost , buy yourself a map , 
'Cause i dont see the point behind all those crap , 
Enjoy it , love it while it last , 
'Cause when you fall , you might fall fast , 
Baby , baby , i don't curse , 
No , it's not me , never from the first , 
You don't need to worry about me ,
I'm used to getting hurt , just let it be , 
You're the one who's pathetic and all alone ,
Careful , you won't know what you got til it's gone .

Whew , that's pretty long ! 
Mehhh , i dug deep :p
Well it's 'cause i've been having tonsss of thingggs running through my mind :(
And i thought what's better to tell it all if not by poetry ;p

i'll post some more poetry when i have the mood to . my fingers hurt , idk why :(
ttyl :)

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