Heart-Spilt .

MAY 8TH 2008
07:14 P.M

it's so boring in English claaass that i just had , so i wrote a poem , it's stoopid , because i don't know where did it came from ( inspiration , that is ) , but it turned out pretty well , but not too long (:

It really has been a while ,
To have someone that puts my smile ,
Knowing who to call in the pouring rain , 
My lover and my best friend (:
Someone i really require ,
Completes my heart with passion and desire ,
Who would put away all those grief , 
My fortress , my rock , my only relief , 
Whose sound is as soothing as a song ,
Even when he critics me when i'm wrong , 
Run on the beach , til our feet are sore ,
Stop when the sun sets , then run some more , 
Someone to share my every tear , 
Help overcome my every fear , 
Someone who would come to me and say , 
" You are beautiful in every way "

whoopwhoop :D
i have another one , but imma post it later on :)
keep up your creative minds peeps ;)

(c) Nadia Juliana

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