Hug hug hug :)

AUGUST 12TH 2008
10:29 P.M

Well , I'm not talking about hugging someone , it's more of a thing , one really important thinggg :) 
That is , TREEEEES :) 

I'm pretty concern about how the weather is getting really messed up because our one and only Earth has been pretty 'sick' lately , one of the thousands of reasons that made Earth changed so much was that the amount of trees have been reduced drastically , when actually , trees produce tons of oxygen that make the environment smell better and well , more pleasant :p 
One of the many ways that trees have been reduced was that trees have been chopped off for countries that are having their winter because they may put our neighborhood in danger , but , there are tons of places which need trees to be planted , so that it can be cooler because it provides shade :D 
So , for all friends who have the same passion to save the Earth , and have no idea how to get involved , here's some of the brilliant ideas of how you can help save the nature by what you love doing most , BEING ONLINEEE :) 


Please visit , or , and see how YOU can make a difference !!! :D
Your PRETrEE friend (HAHAHA) , 
Nadia :)

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