In his shoes...

01:01 A.M

How does it feel like waking up in the White House knowing that the weight of the world is on his shoulders ?
How does it feel to see that the moment he's been waiting for has finally arrived ?
How does it feel like knowing that he has a promise to fulfill to the whole nation ?
How does it feel like knowing that after more than a century , he made a jaw-dropping history ? 
How does it feel like to stand up for the whole United States , but still he knows , that the people of America got his back ?

I'm still in aweeeee :D

Oh well , I brought him up because well , he's nothing special ... 
Just an ordinary African-American guy , who happened to study in Indonesia , and turned out to be the first black president of the United States . 
So what ?
No big deal , really...

...just the fact that he made history ! 
A big one , peopleee !!!
And when he won , everyone celebrateee :D

So let's just put Obama aside for a while . 
My most favorite president of the United States who is also very well-educated and inspiring is Abraham Lincoln , who happened to be the 16th President of the United States .
(Note : 16 is my favorite number :p)

I read Lincoln's biography once for my literature studies , and it's probably one of the many reasons I adore his patriotism and his thirst for a change .
He believed that everyone is created free , and equal .
When his Second Inauguration occurred in 1865 , African-American people are allowed to participate in the parade for the first time ! 

Do you know that both Lincoln and Obama were representatives from the State of llinois ? 
And that they're both were chosen as President when America was at its crisis ?
Another interesting fact is that , Obama will say his oath of office across the National Mall , looking straight towards the Lincoln Memorial .
Other Lincoln-related fact is that Obama's inauguration ceremony on the 12th of February 2009 is approximately on Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday !

Coincidence ? I think not ! :p

What I really like about Obama is that he's accurate and precise about what he wants to do in the future . 
He gives promises , but not just in general , he gave details that he wants to get involved in every aspects of fighting the crisis .
For instance , he offers solutions such as health insurance . 
Health insurance companies are not allowed to refuse clients when they meet preexisting conditions .
And also giving dispensations in taxes , for middle-class and small companies . 
Another good move he risk to take is that he pressed the expenses and fees of medical care , without harming the doctors' income , but at the same time , upgrading the quality . 

He made conscious efforts so that every children in America are covered by health insurance , like medicaid and developing the State Children Health Insurance Program-
Another smart move is that he doesn't allow any junk food to be sold in any schools in America , concerning obesity is one of the most devastating things that attacks American kids nowadays .

'A New Birth of Freedom' is the theme for Obama's Inauguration Day , which is the phrase taken from Gettysburg , Pennsylvania , on the 19th November 1862 , a speech by , yes , none other than , the Amazing Abraham Lincoln .

I hope this might inspire someone to dream , and maybe someday that someone made history , and say that , that someone was inspired by this note .

...inspired by the Barack Obama .
(C) Nadia Juliana

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