It hurts for not knowing;

MAY 30TH 2008
10:24 P.M

Have you ever feel like saying something but never really get the chance to say it ?
Have you ever kept something to yourself that it hurts so bad to see it was too late ? 
Have you ever regretted the fact that you lied to yourself just for someone else's happiness ? 
Have you ever change your mind just because someone dragged you to ? 
Have you ever thought that it was the right thing to do , and turned out it wasn't ?

I've been there , yes , it is as bad as it sounds . As a matter of fact , it's worse :( 
Imperfection has been haunting me these days . 
What will life be when it was all made oh-so perfect ? 
I'm thankful that God allowed bad things to happen , so that we all will be able to thank the good things (that usually don't last) to happen to us . 
I'm thankful that i don't make the right choices , so that i can see through some other people's glasses about life , knowing what i never had known . 

Usually we mistaken life by running , jumping , and flying , to reach there . 
Where is this 'there' , refer to ? Happiness ? Dreams ? A good life ? 
Where is this destination we all tend to aim ? 
How do we get there ? 

The answer is actually lying there all this time , waiting for us to see with our own two eyes .
That's why , we just don't get it , we keep on asking these silly questions about life , where actually small things are answers to big questions (: 

It's those bruises that make us never wanting to repeat the mistakes we've made . 
It's those scars that make us remember that our past molds our future . 
It's those choices we make that expose the 'true person inside each one of us .'

Let's just say , we're all pretty lucky that we all have one thing in common . That is , we're all different in our own ways (;
Life is what you make out of it ! The power to succeed or fail is yours alone (;


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