...it just doesn't work !

I have just realized that I haven't been blogging for more than a month now. 

Wow, that long, huh? Well, I've thought a thousand times to post a new one, on my Multiply blog, that is, but just didn't really get the chance to write one.
So, in form of my apology to the blog I've abandoned, I'm writing two posts in a day :p

Anyways, I've been trying to move some of my blogs from Multiply, but it keeps on failing, the posts just don't seem to appear right, and it's getting frustrating; Arrrgh!
The blog migrating, like everything else nowadays, just don't seem to be working as I would've expect them to.
I know, I know, we can only expect the best, but what turned out to happen, is out of our hands, it's meant to be that way, and no one, not even me, no matter how bad I want it, can even change it.

College days on its way , moving out of the house, and those upcoming days in the future, they seem to overwhelm my thoughts. 
What if I want to do something else? Something that everyone has been underestimating me about? Something they say, was never my potential? 
What if, deep down, I know something in me is waiting to burst out of myself, and pour out the very best of me? 

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