Life is definitely a Fairytale-

JUNE 2ND 2008
08:18 P.M


ah yes , all we see in those crappy movies are just a bunch of lies . there is no prince charming , no spectacular wedding... no happily ever after's- 

dan sekarang berdiam diri disini , gak tau mau ngapain , kehilangan kata-kata buat ditulis (maksudnya ketik) . being random . people's faces are running through my minds , i miss them a lot :( 

'Dan merekapun hidup bahagia selama-lamanya...' 
Bullshark (jadi inget AquaMarine) . 
mami yang super bawel , bokap yang super sibuk , big bro yang super rese ! ah yes , my life can't get anymore better . 

dikamar saudara gue yang super comfy :) i love my cousin . i feel like she's all i got for now-
everyone's so... far away :( 

what are friends for ? 
no , that's not a trick question that doesn't need an answer . i seriously asked that question- 
that means i need an absolute answer , which i obviously haven't figured out (just yet) . 
if they are meant to steal your crushes (or in some of your cases , boyfriends) , then in that case , i don't need a friend . if they are meant to backstab you , i don't need em' too . if they are meant to betray you , i don't need a friend either . 

i need people with unconditional love , so that this world will be a better place ! 
okaaay im outta here peeps !

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