Meet You There (: Part 1

APRIL 8TH 2008
07:29 p.m

It's almost been two weeks since i've posted my previous blog , well i have been busy with a lot of stuffs . Well when all those hectic things i've been doing are done , i'll tell you what it is :)

Well i haven't tell you guys about Bel's birthday party on a private island which happens on 29th of March .
Well the night before , i went to this restaurant named Segarra in Ancol which is sooooo romantic and cozy :)
It has this 'Balinese' vibe to it , because the restaurant itself is inspired by Bali's culture .
Well the food there is okay , the fondue there is not that yummy though :(
There's like variations of food all over the world like Italian , American , Indonesian and lots more .
The lights and decorations over there are all 'just right' , you know , like they are all put in the right places and at the right amount . It's a pretty new restaurant i suppose , but there are like tons of consumers already :)
Well i went there with my old friends , which are Maria , Dessy and Karen .

Let's rewind back just a little bit !
So before we had our dinner at Segarra , i gave a visit to my Elementary school which was Gandhi Memorial National School , Ancol . There's a basketball competition happening when i got there , and guess who are competing ? Canicius vs. St. Yakobus .
I was like , 'Whaaaaat ?' hahahaa.. if you guys know what i mean :p
Canicius won the bball competition , btw . Oh well...

Back to the things at Segarra , too bad i didn't bring the camera , i would love to take tons of pictures there :(
So there's this VIP room that we had our dinner in . This room is pretty 'private' and yet very cooozy :)

Well i gotta go and have dinner , it's almost 8 o'clock and i'm starvvving d:
i'll continue all the chit chats on the next blog :)

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