Meet You There (: Part 2

APRIL 9TH 2008
12.05 P.M

Yellowwwww peopleee :) 

Whoopeee , let's continue all the chit chats :) 

Well , on the 29th of March , we (Des , Mar , Kar and i) meet up with Bel and the rest of 'The Crew' at about 9.30 a.m in Pantai Mutiara before we head off to the island .
There are speedboats available for some people who want to ride it to the island , but i decided to ride on the boat instead :p Well it wasn't really much like a boat , it's almost like a yacht . We get to sit on the deck of the ship , and it was one sunny day i tell ya ;)

So it was about a one-hour ride to the island , and when i got there , i finally found out the name of the island ! It's Pulau Sekati :p The view there is amaaaaazing :D
And when we got there , we chill out for some time , take bunches of pictures :p and then we have some yummy yummy lunch ;)
After that was the most fun part ! We head off to the shore and ride on banana boat and speedboats :)
Well the people who ride on the same banana boat with me are all girls and we fell to the ocean only once ! ;) Well except for Karen , she fell twice :p
Too bad some of my friends didn't want to get wet and jump into the ocean :( After the banana boat ride , i got to ride the speedboat (finally) . Because there are plenty people who want to ride on the speedboat too , so it's more crowded than the banana boat queue :p
After that we change to dry clothes and then got in to the room there where we played cards , take pictures etc etc :p
We head back home at about 5 p.m and then watch the sun sets on the boat :):):)

Such a fun fun fun fun fun fun fun daaaaay :)
I hope we can gather around like this again and have tons of fun ! Bali , perhaps ;)

Hahahahaha :) 
About the title , it's this song by an old group band named Busted , consists of three people , and it's kind of the Jonas Brothers of our days :p They make good music , and i think they're British , like McFly :)
This song is so sweet and i love hearing to it !
Well i'm heading off to have my lunch :)
Bye2x !

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