Morning Blawwggg (:

MARCH 22ND 2008
11:35 a.m
"she got dem applebottom jeans , boots with the fur , the whole club lookin at her-

i put my wmp on shuffle and this song greets me 'Goody Morning.' (;
well this song kicks ass ! (:
shawty got low low low lowww :p

well enough about flo rida's song . it's saturday morning and planning to go to pacific place (; and i've gone there a couple of times but haven't gone into kidzania . well bcause im not really interested :p

my holiday mornings are mostly in front of the tv eating breakfast . mostly infotainment news though;
texting people asking where will they go today . haha how pathetic :p
and today's BIANCA'S BIRTHDAY ! i love her muchooooo :) Happy Birthday once again baaaby ! :D

Okay so i'm watching tv and there's like tons of news about actresses and actors here in Indonesia having divorces or talk about scandalous pictures that involve nudity and stuffs .


oh and there's this actress name Cinta Laura who has been the talk of the whooole Indonesian TV channels , they mostly talk about her accent in speaking Indonesia . and because of the new slang she 'unpurposely' created that goes like this : 'ujhan bechek gak ada ojhek' . and now it has become sooo popular that people are making it ring back tones for cellphones- (fyi , ring back tones are downloaded to cellphones for ringtones or such)
people despise her because they think she's foolish and she exaggerates too much . well i think people are suppose to just let her be . if she wants to talk like that then let her talk like so . some say it's because she likes the attention people are giving towards her . well if they envy her so much and kept on posting bad things about her on the web , don't they just give her more popularity by then ? hahaha i don't get the way they think sometimes .
i salute her on the way she makes money out of the ring back tone thing . she didn't mean to say that phrase and create a slang , but now she manages on what people talk about so much about her , and decide to make money out of it ! GENIUS ! (;

hahahahahahahahahaha !

well yeaa i don't really care , and i don't usually talk about Indonesian actresses because most of them are more popular on the news because of the divorces or who's dating who and such stuffs , rather than their true acting skills .

well it's almost 12 p.m !
im off to take a bath hahahaha XD
buhhbyee (;"

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