Never Better :)

AUGUST 20TH 2008

10:37 P.M

Two important details that helped me to really , totally forget someone . 
One , find someone new , try to be open , think of positive things , embrace those things that are coming in your way ! 
Don't let one thing get in your head and be depressed about it :) 
Tell someone about your feelings , or talk to a blog , maybe :p 

If that doesn't work , well , you just have to wait until that person hurt you so badly that you can't barely think about that someone anymore . 
In my case , number one NEVER worked , number two always does . 
Well , everyone write their own stories in their own books , don't they ? 
Like I said before , it's those scars and bruises that helped us to be stronger each day :D 
And never wanting to go back :) 

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