Note to Self (:

MARCH 25TH 2008

10:08 P.M

I should really start saving money if i want to buy a lotta things when i head overseas ! 
Oh well still am on holidays (: Yeayeayeay :p 
Haven't fill this blog up for a couple of days . I haven't 'set' my mood yet xD

Well on Sunday night my Mom and I headed to 'Downtown Walk' (i think that's what it's called)- 
It's this place in Gading Serpong inside the Summarecon Mall Serpong , and takes a five minutes ride from my house (:
Pretty nice place to just hang around with friends at the coffee shops and well if you bring your laptop or PDA or wtv , you can enjoy the Wi-Fi thingy there .
So Mom wants to meet up with her friend , and her friend brought her kids (two daughters , that is) and i was supposed to keep an eye on them while my Mom is having a chat with her friend . The older one is about 9 , the youngest is 4 .
So i brought them to a restaurant , in Downtown Walk , which is Wendy's , and we had dinner there . My Mom was chit chatting while walking around DW , and not long after that , Mom and her friend joined us at Wendy's .
So when my Mom is still having a conversation , i've lost (good) ideas to keep them amused , they're pretty nice kids , but well kids are still kids , they run around and stuffs , so well i grab the camera , and take pictures with em' ! MWAHAHAA i'm a genius !
And such good babysitter :p
Well after Mom was finished with the chit chats we went inside the Mall just next to DW , did a little shopping and went straight back home ! :)

Well yesterday afternoon i had lunch with my Mom at a restaurant in BSD , i forgot what's the name of the restaurant , and after that we head to Kelapa Gading to my Grandma's and spent a couple of hours there just to watch TV , eat dinner and do chit chats .

Well it's Tuesday and i did nothing at all but to watch TV and be online (:
Whatta bore :(

Remember about me telling you guys that my Facebook account was disabled ? well today i received a notification telling that my old Facebook account has been deactivated !

Oh well , it's ten p.m and my brother wants to use the PC ! :D
Keep me updated , people (:

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