One Screaming Momentum (:

MARCH 22ND 2008
10.29 p.m

Hello there ! (again)

Currently listening to Jojo's 'The Way You Do Me' :) I love Jojo . She's beautiful without even 'trying' , you know . Like she's naturally pretty (;

Okay so todaaay everything went as planned (: Tomorrow is Sunday , and i gotta go to church agaaain . Lookin forward to meet Hanna (: I miss talkin to her ! Hahaha

Well next week i'll still be having my holidays ! Hurrah to that :p
I think i'll be going to Jogja for five days . Yeaaay ! I'm really looking forward to see the artsy craftsy things there . And take insanely craaazy pictures mwhaahaha !
The last time i went to Jogja is when i was still reaaally really smaaall . You'll get cheap accessories but still with good quality (;
Nice , right (: [;
And the views there are exquisite (;
Well by the time i reach home i'll be posting pictures to my blog (:
Wouldn't wanna enjoy the fun on my own , right :p

I've mentioned earlier today that it's my best best best friend's birthday today (: Well next week she'll be celebrating it on a private island having bbq lunch . How cool is that seriously !
I'll be looking forward to that too :p

There's this guy who added me on friendster . He was connected through a good friend of mine , i don't know if she's pretty close to him though .
Well after i approve the friend request , he commented me and said, 'You look a lot like my ex'
I get that a LOT , and i HATE IT SO MUCH ! I mean like , is it really a good 'introduction' to someone you just knew ? He didn't even mention 'Nice to meet you' or such .
And because i thought that first impression is the most important thing when you just met someone new , i decided to delete him from my friend list , cause' he obviously didn't make a good impression .

Ohh ohh ! An old song is playing now .
It's Craig David's 'I'm Sorry , I Just Don't Love You No More .'
Well that was pretty random :p
My wmp is pretty much full of old junks . I don't want to delete em' cause' I love all the songs there , even the cheesiest ones ! Nyhaahah x)

Well it's getting late , I'm off to brush my teeth !
Talk to y'all again tomorrow (:

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