MAY 9TH 2008
07:17 P.M

Hello girls and boys , ladies and gentlemen , female and male fellows :)

I've never speak about guys frankly in this blog . i got my own reasons (: but i'm straight , just so you know . haha (:

well i read this article which kinda 'inspire' me to make this blog . 
it tells about how there are some 'rights' that boys supposedly have ( well actually , deserve ) , but girls 'prohibit' these rights because of some compulsions those girls ( correction , usgirls :p ) force out of guys . if you don't get it , don't worry , it's kind of confusing , i know ;p this is just my summary , i'll tell you about it more , with details (;
There are actually more 'rights' that were discussed in this article , but i'll just write the main things ayttttt (:

Here are the rights that actually , guys had to have :)

1.Right to bring the emotions out
One thing that is really important that girls tend to forget about man is that guys are human beings that have feelings too , and sometimes they're not as 'manly' or as 'tough' as you think they are . being embarassed by a girl ( most likely , his girlfriend) , like a 'public break-up' might drop his mental down and even might not be strong enough to keep all those tears in !

2.Right to play with their 'toys'
It is kind of annoying when a guy is busy with soccer , basketball , or any particular sports that he's into . or maybe with his group band , or even his video games . unfortunately girls , it is extremely hard to break his habit 100% . even though he grows 'older' , that doesn't mean that he'll be losing his hobbies as well .

3.Right to have a 'no-girls-time'
Guys can be turned down easily if his girlfriend or his crush is 24/7 in contact ( or even everrrywhere ) with him . he does need to hang out with his friends , just chilling , or even sleep all day without any disturbance from anyone , including us , girls :) 
it even gives him more time to miss us :) haha !

4.Right to dress up
If girls are allowed to dress up for hours just to look good , why can't guys ? We have tons of terms for clothings ! High-waist skirt , sleeveless , puffy shorts , ruffled arm , denim skirt , and loads more ! while guys , they have their well-known t-shirts and jeans ! so it's okay to express themselves the way they want to , like wearing pink top , vest ( ooh la la ) , or  even a fedora :)

5.Right to not always be the starter
In this 'normal' world , guys would do all the work around here ! asking our name , our number , or even tell us how they truly feel ( whoopee :D ) . but they can also be the one who has to just wait , especially guys who are shy and who has issues about expressing their feelings to girls ! not all guys are that confident around girls you know :)

I AGREE 1000000000000000 % !
Haha :)
The real article was in indonesian language , it was much longer , so i wanted to translate it to english , and it's not exactly like what was written in the magazine , i added my own twist to it :)
Okay so by what i think... It is okay for guys to cry ! even for me , guys are at their sexiest when they cry ;p it just shows their vulnerable side , and that they have feelings too (:
and i'm also okay about the second point , i heard before that guys never grow up , good thing by some points though . and yea , i see the 3rd point happening a lot , that girls are all around his life , wanting his attention and all . lol .
and yea , it's cute when guys wear pink ( if it fits them , some guys choose the pink t-shirt that are like tooooo tight that it looks like it's even hard for him to breathe :p  ) , or like guys wearing skinny jeans . it's okay if it looks good on them , but if the guy is like stick-skinny , it's not nice to be seen at all x)

wanna know about girls' rights ? i'll make it simple & quick , since this blog is already long enough :p

1.Right to be annoying on PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)
( Yes , guys , i experience this , all girls do . i don't get why it happens either , but it's hormones , we can't control this ! xp )
2.Right to be the starter
( Yes , we have the right to be the starter by showing how we truly feel towards guys ,without being called aggressive or bitchy ! )
3.Right to be listened
(Yes , please do listen to our opinions ,  don't think that we're irrelevant in the 'guys zone')
4.Right to be (not) straight to the point
( Well , you may say that girls are weird , because as a matter of fact , we kind of are ! we do spin around about what we talk about , we don't know what we want , and even don't know how we truly feel ! )
5.Right to protect our body 
( So puhleaaaze , no forcing if your girlfriend does not want to be touched in certain areas , or maybe hugged or kissed . )

'Nuff said :p

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