So Yesterday :)

09:38 P.M

"If it's over , let it go ,
Come tomorrow , it will seem so yesterday , so yesterday , 
I'm just a bird that's already flown away ,
Laugh it off , let it go ,
And when you wake up it will seem so yesterday , so yesterday , 
Haven't you heard that I'm gonna be okay ? " 

Guess what ? I'm in the mood to listen to my old songs which is made up of cassettes , you know , those old things we used to put on in our tape recorder or boombox . 
Ah yes , the good ol' days . 
We barely touch those kinds of stuffs now since we're pretty much attached to our iPod or mp3 player or even music phones . 

The list of my old cassettes :
- Britney Spears : Baby One More Time (i know , gross , but can't help singing 'Hit me baby , one more time ! :p )
- Hilary Duff : Metamorphosis (probably the times when i was a big fan of her bcause of her unique music and sound)
- Mariah Carey (can't remember the title of the album , it was a Christmas Album) 
- Yellowcard : Ocean Avenue (probably the coolest out of the rest ! :) )
- Ryan Cabrera : True (GAAARH i love all the songs in this album ! His voice is just , so melting and appealing and magnetizing )
- Busted (hate that they're gone from the music industry bcause i really really love their music :) )
- Simple Plan : Welcome to My Life (OH YEAHHH ! We all sang along to this song when it's turned over and over on the radio , didn't we ? :D )
- Glenn Fredly : Kisah Tak Berujung (listened to this over and over album for about like 3 months in a row ? love love love)
- True Vibe : See The Light (i'm searching for the CD bcause i lost the cassette :( and this album has like tons of cool songs like "Not What I Say (but what i do)"

And now I can't remember any of the albums anymore :)
Im'ma keep y'all updated just in case you guys wanna know about this so-not-popular collection of mine :p
Ha-ha :) Joking :D
I'm just bored and I haven't touch this blog of mine in like ... 2 weeks ? 
I miss talking about random things hahahs :)
Mwahs *

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