Some people are just not worth the tears T_T

JUNE 23RD 2008
05:38 P.M

Yes , i'm disappointed , as you can see . 
Well i'm just tired of being betrayed , or being backstabbed and knowing that who did those stuffs are the people you care most about is truly devastating T_T 

i seriously have lost my trust for such friendship :( 

you might think im crazy for typing these kind of stuffs at blog when people dont really care about me , and some of them dont even know me :) 
but well yea , writing blogs make me feel happier , at least all those stupid thoughts i have are outta my head :p 
and yes , i do spill out these crazy things to posts and stuffs like these because i can truly be myself to it , and i dont have to worry much about hurting someone else's feelings or whatever , because it's what i feel inside , and those are personal opinions , you dont have to like it if you dont want to , those are ur opinions too , and i appreciate it . 

i'm random , weird , and yes crazy sometimes :p 
just might give you just a glimpse of what you're getting yourself into ! 
hahaha :p 
ah well , there goes my craziness :D hahahahaha ! 
i'm so melancholic that i might have the mood to post blogs 2 times a day , or if im not in the mood , i might not be posting any in like ... weeks x)

well , adios :)

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