Stand Up , Speak Up .

AUGUST 23RD 2008

08:44 P.M

That quote may ring a bell , because yes , it was taken from a very famous wrist band , that was once became a very famous ad by Nike , campaigned by Thierry Henry , that oh-so famous soccer player . 
The wrist band was designed pretty simple , it was colored black and white , and it's like two separated bands attached to one another . 
The message was quite simple- against racism .
You guys might think it's pretty random that I know about these kinds of stuffs , well it's because my brother has one :p 
And so , I decided to search it up on the internet out of curiosity :p

And it inspired me to make this post . I think it's time for us to make a stand . Aren't you guys tired of being not heard , unappreciated , and lead to things you don't want to do ? 
People used to say , 'be yourself' , but how can you do that when others are pushing you around , ganging up on you , trying to force you to be someone else ? 
I think you should never let someone get into your head . 

And you know what's worse than lying to someone else ? It's lying to yourself . 
Because when you try to play it off , play along just so that you can fit in , you don't get any happiness in your life , you get hurt , and you yourself is your worst enemy . 

And you can't always have what you want , but you have to ALWAYS try :) 
Because you'll never know ;) 
We can have it all ! We just can't have it all at once :D 
Hard work does pay off ! Patience does , too :) 

You may act like everything is A-OK and perfect in life when it's really wasn't , but sooner or later , you'll reach a point where you're just so sick and fed up of hiding behind somebody else's shadow . 
Somebody you're not . 
You can keep on running from the truth , but you can't hide from it for the rest of your life . 
So , it's now or never , people ! :) 
I'm posting stuffs that I feel like saying , I'm not trying to be someone to be recognized or praised , there's this saying that I feel somewhat meaningful :)

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle . "

Nice , ey ? :) 
Whatever trouble you are in , remember that sometimes the sky needs to be a little too dark just so that we can see the stars above :) 
Don't be pessimistic , everytime a door closes , another one opens ! :D 
Don't hesitate to take risks , but be responsible about it :D 
Take life on its positive sides , you'll find it easier to handle ;)
Never talk defeat , use words like hope , believe , faith , & victory ;)

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