The Sunday Post :p

MARCH 23RD 2008
11:19 A.M

whoooah !

i checked my e-mail today and found out that i received a notification that my facebook account has been disabled !
nyehh :'(
the one thing i really hate about losing my facebook is my 'Who Has The Biggest Brain' score .
that game is soooo disturbing but yet , at the same time , VERY addictive ! mwhahaha :p and you know what , i got the highest score among all my friends . but now it's goneeeee :(
i hope i can get my account baaack ! if i don't imma burst ! hahahah just kidding :p

so i just got back from church and now i'm starvinggg :(

i really want to see the movie 'P.S I Love You' , i haven't seen it yet , how lame am i hahaha oh well i hope i can see that movie reaaal soon (;

and now i'm listening to Rush Of Fools' 'Already' .
well it's a Christian band but still maintain good music (: I suggest you take a minute to hear their songs ! Especially 'Can't Get Away' (:
Very kewl :p

i'm still bummed about my facebook account :(
well i hope i can get it back ! :D

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