That hard to be famous .

JUNE 4TH 2008
07:20 P.M

I'm just helping my bobo (boyfriend :p) out , which is David Archuleta *faints* , who has been the talk of the whole United States , saying that he's gay .
And plus , there's tons of people on YouTube who kept on making these false , harsh videos towards him , like for instance , this following video i've just watched , , with an even asundering theme ,
' David Archuleta's Gay Relationship Exposed ' .

As i've expected , it is FAKE ! as fake as the rumors going on about David Archuleta ! 

here's a video that clarifies about the fake videos that person made . , with a theme of relief , ' David Archuleta rumor is not true ' .

Well people just can't accept the fact that he's adorable and has an amazing voice ! so that people kept on accusing him these horrible things towards him .
OMG , i mean like , really , get a life , those people really should . Just because they can't be as famous as the people they're trashing about , that doesn't mean that it gives them the right to say such mean words and very untrue statements ! 

Oh well , i'm just here to set the records straight , David Archuleta is NOT gay , and HE SHOULD HAVE WON AMERICAN IDOL ! 
whoopee David :)
i support you ALL THE WAAAY :)

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