Thirst-Day :p

MAY 20TH 2008
10:06 P.M

It's a Thursday and i have no idea what im about to write here in my blog :) 
Well i'm going to write a poem that i made like a long time ago , something that i felt i need to pour out in a piece of paper (that's totally me , i don't tell people when i'm upset or pissed) . 
And so here it goes-

How does it feel to fall ?
To see everything you worked for is for nothing at all... 
How does it feel to lose ? 
Especially someone who gives you boost... 
How does it feel to fade ? 
Knowing someone you used to love turned to hate... 

And to cry out the most- 
Losing someone you should've held close... 
To be at the lowest point in life- 
Letting go of what was worth your strive... 
All you do was to imagine yourself holding his hand- 
So close , unconditionally til' the end... 

Too personal , yea , you can say that ;p 
Ha !
I love this poem so much , i dont know why . 
I know it's not that good , but it's the only poem that i've written in tears (literally) .
I don't have to tell y'all why , i'm such a cry-baby ;p 
Well that is all :D

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