You made me Superhuman (:


08:02 P.M

Since I'm craving to watch Heroes the TV series , and I've been listening to the song by Chris Brown a lot , which is called 'Superhuman' , it inspired me to make this post :D 
It's not a poem or anything . It's just random stuffs :p
And puhhlease , it's not for a particular someone... well at least I think it's not ;p

You can make me fly , fly so high . 
You made the skies look so low , and I could spend a day just gazing into your eyes on top of the mountains , below the lowest seas . 
You can make the time freeze . 
Being right next to you make it feels like the whole Universe was on pause .
You gave me super strength . 
Knowing you are here just makes me feel like I can do anything , break any walls ahead , lift any kinds of burden possible . 
You can make me immortal . 
Every time there's pain , you can make it straightly go away . You just know how to make me feel better , and how to make me fall all over again for you . 

As you can see , those are the 'super strengths' as shown in the TV series , pretty uncreative you may say ? I suppose so . 
LOL . 
I can't say all the super strengths as shown in the show , cause' they are certain super strengths which I find ridiculous . 
If any of you watch the series , you guys might know the Haitian guy that has the ability to make people forget about stuffs . 
And sometimes I feel like I need that . 

'It is important to remember' 
-the Haitian Guy 

Evidently not to everyone . Because some things that are too hurtful are just too hard to forget , and sometimes I feel like I need some boost to forget about it . 
Like the Haitian guy might be very useful :p 
But I learned that you have to go through those kinds of painful things so that you when you are back at those kind of situation , you know how to deal with it . 
Get it ?


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