Hey, Stranger...

...I think I fell in love with you. No, seriously. I think I do!

Okay, so you guys might not know what I'm talking about but well, there's this guy who's Facebook friends with me, and I tried talking to him (I know, sounds aggressive, but trust me, I got REALLY GOOD REASONS!) and just made me fell in love with him more, even though I don't know that much about him, but I've heard enough ;)

I am not a huge fan of soccer, but I've been a huge fan of Lampard, that's Frank Lampard. Just in case some of you are not familiar with this name, he is one AMAZING soccer player, and I would want to watch soccer just when he's playing, other than that, change the channel. He's the only reason I love the sport soccer. 

Back to this stranger I'm talking about, as many of you might have guessed, this guy is a fan of soccer, and not a fan of any other soccer club, but the one and only, Chelsea. The club Lampard plays for. So we can have a date watching soccer when Chelsea is on. Correction, when Lampard is on ;p

I am not a very opened person, so I express myself by writing stuffs, poems, songs, whatever works, as long as I'm producing words and make them into understandable sentences. I share them, through Notes on Facebook, blogs, wherever, doesn't really matter. I saw this guy's Notes on Facebook (you can tell so much out of a guy's notes! hahaha :p), and I read about it, it's about his thoughts, and just talk about life, in general. One thing that really made me go "Geez weez, he's one heck of a guy!" is that he said in his notes, "I do not come from an affluent home, although the values drilled into me combined with the perseverance and determination that runs through my veins are worth far more than money, hence, I firmly believe that i have been given a head-start.....

.....I have decided to implement my power of choice and be the best that I can be. I owe it to myself, to my family, and above all, to God"

Need more prove that we're meant to be together? (Okay, whoa, whoa, I sound desperate! Don't take this seriously! Or, wait a minute, do take it seriously! Hahaha ;p)
Okay, so if annnnnyone ask me who would I like to meet before I die, Obama would probably be on top of my list. And so I saw some of his picture albums, I saw he put up some of Obama pictures, and he is also a big fan of him!

Other facts I know about him by his Facebook boxes is that he's a Jock according to the 'What High School Group are you?' quiz, he's a Natural Born CEO according to the 'What Kind of Entrepreneur are you?' quiz, and that he supports the 'Stop Global Warming' and 'Society Against Child Abuse' causes! I know that he's into the Bible (somehow...), and he travels a lot, he's been to 77 cities in 11 countries, he's an athletic guy, and he's very ambitious.

...I can be quite a (silent) stalker, but don't be scared, I don't do weird stuffs or anything creepy!

Hahaha! I was just bored, and I think he's a (really, REALLY) cool guy. Who happens to be really mature, loves Chelsea, and adores Obama. What more can I ask for? :p
I'd rather be a fan of some guy that I don't really know but I know for sure his (real) personality, than being a huge fan of a celebrity that I know only from roles in movies, but not in real life.

If I got the chance to meet this stranger I happened to fall in love with, I would probably say, "Hey, I love you!"


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