Restart All Over

I hate my phone. I hate it so so much. I'm gonna sue the 02 Company for doing such poor poor job on its quality of PDA's. I know I kinda sound like a bitch for whining so much, but it's just, this thing happened to me more than once. And it bugs me out because I know that this would happen often but I bought the phone anyways. Oh yes, love is blind. And pictures do deceive!!! You guys should've seen the brochure, you guys would want to buy my phone too.

So the thing is, if I forgot to re-charge my battery, and the phone went dead with its whole battery ran out, I would lose all of my documents including pictures, songs, contact lists, and EVEN TEXT MESSAGES!!! Bummer! Not to mention, I've been saving last year's Christmas texts & also birthday texts plus other really sweet texts by really sweet people. Ngawhhhhh...

They said PDA's are most used by businessmen. What if they were too busy working and forgot to re-charge the battery and lost tons of important documents? Oh gosh.

Well, i have to deal with it. Like my brother always said, 'Always start fresh!' The good news is, now my memory on my phone is as clean as mom's car out of the car wash.

To top it all off, my laptop broke down. The hardware was ruined or something. At least that's what I heard. Wow. Whatta fantastic week you would say? I would 110% agree!

But there's been this feeling that something huge is going to happen, don't really know what. Maybe these are just some of the 'signs' that I would be starting off fresh. Well here I am, squeaky clean, ready to be embraced by what is there to come!

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