I haven't blog in quite some time, have I? Well this past month has been, insane. I meet up with an education agent and I need to get a move on my TOEFL to prepare myself on college applications. And when I say I need to get a move, I mean I need to get a move FAST!

Sheez, the thought of the future frightens me, HORRIFYING! Anyways, Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year's everyone!!! :) 

Christmas, I spent the day on a road trip, out of town, with my BFFFFF (who knows how many F's I could type for her :p). Had tons of fun, took even more pictures, have like dozens of albums to upload on Facebook :D 
New Year's, I spent the day shopping for food, preparing for the BBQ party at a friend's place, ate like crazy, the food was crazier, there were tons of junk food! Didn't get the chance to close my eyes to rest, went swimming at 1 a.m til' like 4 a.m. And the day afterwards, I broke down. Had to go to the doctor, and the doctor said I was just too tired. Tell me about it. Like I need a doctor to tell me that. 

Things to look forward to this month, meeting with old friends, having to prepare for college, and meet up with more friends. Umm, can't think of anything interesting. 

It's 2009 and people are starting to talk. I should get a hold of a relationship, so I've been told. So what, I'm 16 and never been kissed, big deal? Well of course I'm turning 17 this year, but who the heck cares of what others think? Even my mom is trying to set me up with her friend's sons. Creepy much?

Thoughts of '09 include: Suppress the (sometimes) 'out-of-control' moodiness. Make my own money. Achieve the dreams that have been haunting my mind. And, umm, the list goes on, of course. Just can't think of any stuffs to write again at the moment. I'm trying to be a daily blogger, but it's hard to just take the time off to think and write. Things are always in the way, such as, let's just say, FACEBOOK. LOL

Well uhh okay, I have to go back to my work, which is Facebook-ing :p
Later, peeps! <3

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