God bless Indonesia. 

God bless this country and the mobile technology. By all these blessings coming out of my mouth seem like I have had a wonderful week? I might say so, but not too wonderful, I'll add. 
It's just every time I want to send a text, it always seems to be a struggle. Either it fails, or it just doesn't deliver to the recipient. I guess I'll have to deal with it. 

My mobile kept on turning off on me! I don't know what's wrong with it, I mean, I never dropped it (on purpose that is), or do whatever that might ruin it. I mean, I can be really clumsy, but I would never destroy my own belongings on purpose. 

Okay so today I traveled all around the world. I mean, on TV. I went to New York, Rome, France, etc. Saw all the yummy food that is popular there. God, I would want to travel. Please. 
I've been a Discovery Travel & Living fan lately. I have serious thoughts about being a cook, that I literally have been in the kitchen for the past few days, and cook. YES, COOK! 
Not that I'm bad at it, I just don't want to cook, unless really needed. Like when I live alone. That is when my inner chef came out! I am really good at mixing food up. Throw me a couple of wheat bread and some sprinklers, I can make you a birthday cake! 
But, no, I really want to learn how to cook. Like how to make roast duck, and other complicated feast, not like the not-so creative birthday cake made up of wheat bread. Cooking skills are necessary, especially if building a family is part of the plan. Impressing future-in-laws is a part of the frightening future, right? 

Okay, I'm starting to wander off the topic. Wait, what was the topic again? 
Oh, yeah, nothing. Well, umm, talking 'bout all this food made me hungry. 
Keep it fresh, people :)

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