End of January

One thing I learned about this week is I have to smile, even when I don't feel like smiling. Another thing is that, when you try to do new things, whenever someone offer you an opportunity, and you take it, it could change your life. 

I'm sad that Heroes is done with its third season. Forth season isn't going to be out until next month. That is, in the United States. My friend said I could watch it by streaming on a website like YouTube but I don't think my love for Heroes is huge enough to waste my internet on any web streaming. And hey, I can wait :p This is good. I mean, it tests my patience level. 

Next month is February, and guess what's on the line? Valentine's day. 
Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything, but it just indicates that I'm single for the last 16 years. Woot2x. That's something to celebrate! :p 

Well, uhh, I was just in the mood to write a post. I gotta go... do something. Hahaha
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