Faces, blushes, and all those silly crushes

I came up with a cute topic, don't you agree? ;p 

Na'ah, it's just some random sentence I came up with when I was browsing through pictures. I think I'm gonna name my first album when it come out after this topic. Which will be, in less than 20 years. Hopefully. 

Gosh, Nad. Can you be more random? 

Out to another topic that is not so random! Jason Mraz is coming to Jakarta, but in this upcoming March. Don't know if I can make it by then. I really want to, though. I rarely go out for concerts. I don't really like to splurge on concert tickets. I mean, I don't really want to ask for money when it comes to concert tickets, because they usually cost a lot. So when I want to go out to a concert, usually I save money from my allowance and use my own money. And another good thing is that my brother is not into the whole concert things too. So if someone asked me if I am going to this or that concert, I could say "Nope, my brother isn't going, so I don't feel like going either." Hahaha :p 
He said that concerts are somehow a waste of money, and when you or I became famous, you'll get to see those artists that you want to see for free. Or even better, a VIP! 
Oh, before I forgot, welcome to a family made up of dreamers ;) 

Speaking of money, I have been thinking of getting a job. A descent one. I should stop begging for money, especially when it comes to personal needs. For 16 years of life, I should be thankful enough to my parents who have been undertaking the job for preparing nice houses and rides. I need to pay them back ASAP ;) My cousin has been working since she was 13. Now she has her own ride, pays her own University tuition, and also pays her own bills. I should do the same, should really be responsible for myself. Future is on its way. 
It's going to be less than 5 years 'til I reach 20. 3 years and 6 months to be exact. 

Just keep me updated, people.

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