A new change will start from today

So tonight is the night. Well, actually it'll be in the afternoon in D.C. , but it'll be midnight here in Indonesia. Obama's Inauguration Day. Today's the day, people. 

It must be about 7 a.m in D.C , Mr. Barack Obama must've kept himself awake knowing tomorrow, the weight of the world is going to be put on his shoulders. I would want to comment on that, but gosh, where should I start? 

I do hope the best for him, as the leader of the U.S.A, so that the choices that he make will be based on wise judgment and critical thinking. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. People are supporting him because they believe that he's capable. The real question is, is he? 
We're about to find out. The worst time of the U.S like now, needs the best person to handle the nation. 

One thing about Obama is that he stands out. As I said before, someone who wants to make a difference, has to be different. So, good luck, Mr. Obama. I have faith in you. 
It's a new day...

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