Possession you value most?

We have variable answers. Some of you may answer your laptop, or it might be your iPod or mp3 player, or even your mobile phone, I don't know, you'll have your own answer. The reason you value a certain possession is because it's something you find very useful, and you love it so much that sometimes when people use it, or misuse it, you'd be very angry. 

So I'm trying to find what really value most to me. I got the answer yesterday when I was helping out mom at a social service. I wasn't planning to go until about 11 p.m the night before, then I decided to go there to help out. I realized that what I have to value most is already given to me from birth. My very own arms and feet. You can do so much with it. I've never seen people being so thankful in my whole life. The people that I get to help out live a very simple life, they make a living by breeding pigs to sell out their meat. The place smells quite bad, but got used to it after a couple of hours :) 

Everyone has arms and feet, but not many of them value those. They think that those are just ordinary parts of the body, so what? They missed out on making the most out of it. You can help out people by something that you possess so it'll not only be useful to you, it'll be useful to others too. So starting from today, why not walk an extra mile or two to just do something useful for someone? Lend a hand, you don't know that a small thing you do can even save a life of another. Smile to someone you don't know, show that you care, they'll see that someone out there, randomly, express a warm, friendliness character out of someone they don't know. 

So if you want to make a difference, be different :)

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