It's barely a month after turning 09, and the drama in my life is nothing near to the word decreasing. Guess the stronger you become, the tougher the tests in your life, aren't they? It's hard to see the silver lining when the clouds are too grey. I believe in miracles and that they happen, although they don't come along that often. Because, to be honest the miracle I need in life is quite a lot. 

God might think that I'm a brat for having so many questions and requests, but just like a normal teen who would be such pain in the ass for her dad, I'm doing just that, being a normal teen. 

I've been complaining a lot these days, you wanna know why? Because I've been seeing the people around me, living MY dream. Seems too unfair. 
The people on the list are:
- Vanessa Anne Hudgens, for having the ability to dance, sing, and gets to date Zac Efron. On top of that, she gets paid to do all of the above. Do you really need any more proof that life's unfair? 
- Oprah Winfrey, for having the power to talk and the power to make people listen. Gets to do the thing she loves-- to meet famous & amazing people -- AND GET PAID FOR EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND OF IT. 
- JoJo, for having God-given talents of singing, and is known to be Shia Labeouf's-rumor-girlfriend

Okay, so they're not really 'around me.' But well, they pretty much flooded my TV with their oh-so-amazing life, so that counts as being 'around' as well, doesn't it? That's their 'now', you know, their time of shine, their moment. When's mine? 
Giving up is never an option, it's too close to reach that it will be too pitiful to just let go. 
I will never forget the conversation I had with a friend of mine on the 7th of January, he said, "You don't need to be smart, you just need to be tough." Which I find so true, and just gave me a glimpse of light, that what I really want to do, none of this has to do with money, it's all about doing what I love, and be happy about it. 

Dancing and singing, and acting, there are tons of other people who do those things better than me, but does that stop me from doing it? Just because I realize that there's people who are willing to do better than me, now that would be a ridiculous excuse to give in, now wouldn't it? Just like loving someone, the only way you should really love someone is being fully aware that there's someone out there who can love the person you love, more than you do. So, I am aware, that there's tons of other dancers, actresses, singers, who can work it better than I do, but guess what, I do it anyways. Despite I might not be the best at it, but you know what, I love doing it. 

So, to the people who genuinely believed in me, thank you. And to the person who 'inspired' me on the 7th of Jan '09, I promise to mention you when I got my first Golden Globe :) 

Hey I can dream, can I! :p

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tiffany said...

keep on following your dreams!i know you can do it :)