Happy Valentine... (sigh)

SIXTEEN YEARS, PEOPLE! Sixteen friggin years! I think I deserve an award for the longest lonely Valentine. Hahaha. Kiddinggg. I don't really mind about Valentine's actually, I never really celebrate it or anything. I usually just give out flowers or chocolates to friends, but not today. I just woke up at midnight and wish a Happy Valentine to someone who's the only love of my life at the moment, Mom. 

I have been doing lots of notes posts on Facebook, and I feel like posting them here. I have some notes that I've been tagged to do but I haven't really set the mood to do so. I'm listening to Kanye West's Heartless at the moment. Alone at Valentine, listening to Heartless. Whatta day. 
Oh well. By the way, I'm in this contest which gives out this cool prize, and I'm praying to God PLEASE OH PLEASE just let me win. Hahahahaha :p It will be cool if God Himself would give me something on Valentine's. Just kidding, I still love You even though I don't win. 

Now it's Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Yes, that's right, people. When you're alone, don't have any important things to do, don't really feel like going anywhere, turn those speakers out loud, AND JUST DANCE!!!

Okay, Im'ma post all those weird posts I have been doinggggg :p
Later alligator ;)

omg i just rhymed, and that's a crime...
that's lame, and i'm ashamed...
-- borrowed from WOWP :p

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