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1. i wish i was named Sarah since i was little

2. i have this habit of reading my history conversations that i had with friends on MSN, and sometimes copy them to notes (esp when it's with a guy i like).

3. i secretly want to learn how to cook (seriously)

4. sometimes i blame myself when it comes to family disagreements

5. i once have a secret crush on a guy on facebook who loves to do karate, Chelsea (the football club), 
and is a big fan of Obama, as much as i am

6. i have marriage issues; in fact, i thought about being a nun very often

7. i secretly wish i am a better daughter, sister, and friend

8. i don't take myself as this 'triple-threat' kind of girl, but i do love to sing, dance, and act

9. Abraham Lincoln is my hero <3>
10. i love jazz ever since i heard Kenny G when i was about 4 or 5, but recently i missed listening to 
Westlife (weird, i know), idk why

11. i never minded about being single

12. one thing that attracts a guy for me is-- his eyebrows (because it will always compliment the eyes)

13. if i do get to marry someone, i want him to be able to cook or sing, if necessary (;

14. my favorite cars are not ferrari, lamborghini, or mercedes; but it's toyota yaris, and prius (bcause it's a 

15. i can be a huge klutz at times. (fyi, a klutz is a person who is clumsy, inept, or accident-prone)

16. everytime i'm in a car, i get this habit of counting the numbers on other cars' license plate (e.g. multiply 'em, add em, divide em, anything works); i'm a huge sucker for maths.

17. my favorite board game is Scrabble (and Boggle, if that counts as a board game)

18. i spent most of my time in the library when i was in primary school

19. two books that i get to read very often are the Bible and the dictionary

20. i am never a fan of horror movies

21. terrified of blood, they're supposed to be inside the body, can't take seeing it outside :S

22. one big turn-off is when a friend i trust turns his/her back

23. i wanted to celebrate my 16th birthday by visiting 16 orphanages around the world in 16 days when i was younger

24. i am very protective when it comes to a heartbroken friend

25. i still can't believe i wasted almost 4 years having a crush on a guy that didn't even cared i exist

P.S: I did another post which is very similar, but it's 16 facts, so it's a 41 total of facts about me :p

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