1. Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.
2. At the end, choose some people to be tagged.
3. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
4. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you

nj: i did 25 random things already, but i got tagged again and this time it's 16 things and it just feels so wrong if i don't post another note ;p so i tag some people whom i tagged in the previous note (25 things) , just in case you feel like doing another one! :) HAVE FUN! <3


1. don't consider myself as a daredevil, but would love to try bungee jump or even sky dive

2. i LOOOOOVE the beach and i think a day in the beach with someone i love (best friend or family, not necessarily 'a guy') is way better than a weekend in a fancy restaurant

3. 3 things i dislike: i hate seeing bitchy girls (who really don't know their limits), i feel like giving them a punch in the face, i hate racists & also, STALKERS. enough said :)

4. i am bad, and i mean NOT GOOD AT ALL when it comes to lying, ask my brother or my parents.

5. i feel bad easily, and sometimes too easy. a habit that's been with me for quite some time is asking people 'r u mad at me' too much, even when they're not, and i know that's quite annoying, sawwwry :S

6. my favorite fruit is mango, and cookies&cream for ice cream flavor

7. if God would grant me a wish, it would be to stop all the time difference so my friends who travel a lot from abroad don't complain about jet lags :)

8. i am very close to my brother, he's my best friend, i choose who gets to be his (future) gf, we even have this lame hand shake :p

9. i hate bumping out to people i know unexpectedly, in the mall or wherever

10. i am a laid-back person (that's from Dad's side), and a perfectionist at the same time (that's Mom's side), i can be pissed bcause of small things, like grammatical mistakes for instance

11. i hate it when people tell me that i look like someone they know

12. plan to grow another 2-4 INCH :) nywhuahwuahwua

13. a good spare time for me is to spend it with a cup of green tea and a good book in hand on a mid-sunny day

14. i can't roller blade, nor ice skate. and i've just learned to bike seriously when i was in the ninth grade, together with Stella, who can't bike either, at Ruth's house, with Melody as the teacher also(;

15. i am so not into the Twilight craziness, although i don't completely hate the whole thing, i'm just not into the 'edward is the hottest guy on earth' or 'i want a vampire boyfriend', or 'Mrs. Cullen' thing, so enough with the 'Kristen Stewart & Edward Cullen fan club' popping every 5 seconds on Facebook 'Become a Fan' thing!

16. my favorite numbers are 16 and 7, used to be 7 and 10, but not anymore

(this is seriously addictive, try it!)

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