Shake shake, shake shake, shake it...

Don't know who this poem is for, but I did imagine a guy in mind while I was writing it, someone impossible to reach, but yet, time is by my side ;) 

I want a guy who's worth the time

Who would always appreciate my feelings

And never would commit such crime

Of hurting me and saying bad things

And even though I'm mad & feel like walking away

He would never had to argue

He'd look me right into the eyes and say

How can we fight when I'm too busy loving you

He makes the impossible possible

And even though we're miles apart

We would be inseparable

'Cause what counts is what's inside our heart

Every time we fuss and fight

He'll tease and smile and ended up singing

All he does is trying to make me laugh

He hates himself for seeing me crying

I don't know where this is going to end up

But I promise I'll always try to make it work

And before I stop to say all this crap

I want to say that I love you, you dork :)

It's pretty weird that I included "He'll tease and smile, and ended up singing" to the poem, because I think a guy who can sing can get away with probably anyyything. My friends who are close to me know, that I'm not attracted with what the guy looks like, more into what the guy offers on the inside :) Not that I like a guy who has the voice of an angel (gosh, that would be AWESOME), but a guy who loves to sing just for fun, or just to entertain me would be very cute. Hahaha. 

Okay, enough with the endless imagination. 

I just realized that it's been forever since I've last talked to Reg. The last email was sent at the beginning of this month, and I lost track ever since. I've been talking to him like A LOT since last August, so it's pretty weird not talking to him. Ngawh. 

Well, I'm goneee, I'm goooing ;)


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