Butterflies, early summer...

Fun, yeay :) 
Okay so, March. The fact that I didn't go to Mraz's concert is a bummer. People said that it was ef-youh-end; FUN. Well, what-efs. I am just going to mourn in the regretful mind of mine for not coming. On the other hand, tomorrow is Jason's bday, a.k.a my annoying brother :) 
I will probably surprise him by writing on his Facebook wall by 12 midniteee! WHOO what a great surprise a sister could've think of! HA :p 

Feli called yesterday, we planned to go out this Saturday, not knowing where to go, though. Well, doesn't matter, we'll figure out something fun to do anyways, me love that girly :p 
She also said that she got something for me, although I feel bad that I don't have something for her, and told her that she doesn't have to give me anything, yet I'm still excited and super curious on what 'it' is! 

I have been having such weird and cool and 'promising' dreams, shall I say? It's really weird that I wake up in the morning and feeling good about the day because of the dreams I have been getting lately. Sooooo unreal, I gotta say. 

I've been such "The Hills" freak lately, been watching it from season to season. I thought that having cameras follow me around to capture my daily lives would be fun. Unless, of course, my life has less drama than LC's. Having to watch me opening Facebook and blog about life is not really TV-material. Although I think LC is probably well paid for giving up her whole 'private life,' not sure I'm down with the whole thing. 

I am just really looking forward to start over a whole new life out of here. Just away from all the fake people and untrustworthy so-called-friends, I am just ready to bust out of here! So, please, God, help me through the last moments? 


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