Call upon You

Just remembered something...

Ring, ring... (Phone rang)
*Click* (He picks up)

(Awkward silence)

I just realized that the more I hated you, the more I wanted you. I am tired of not being able to see you every single day of my life and thinking that I'm fine without you, when I'm not, I never was, I never will be. Can we please get together sometimes? I don't want to be aggressive and sound desperate, but I missed how everything was fine when I am with you. It's like, when I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything. Like a superhero, and the day I woke up and realize that you weren't there was the day I lose all my powers. I feel so small and weak. The more I wanted to replace you, the more I realized you were irreplaceable. I didn't think I would fall this hard, but I fell so hard alright. So hard that I bump my head and lost consciousness and I don't even know myself anymore. I never think that the 'pieces of the puzzle' scenario would ever effect someone like me, for I've been tough enough to say that I complete myself, but never thought that this day would come and admit that you complete me. I would never thought that someone that perfect would come to somebody so imperfect like me. You were the only person who love me for all my flaws and I could've talked my mind out without you minding a single word I say. I know that I'm jealous as much as you are jealous to me, but I knew that in my mind, if I lose you, life would never be the same. Wait, what am I talking about? I don't even want to think about losing you. I am fully aware that I am nothing but a disappointment to you, so do me a favor, will you? I don't want you to ever cry about me anymore, so promise me that you'll look for someone that sincerely makes you happy and who will take good care of you in the place that you are in now. I don't have to say it for the thousandth time that I love you, you know that I do, and I always will :) 

*Click* (I hung up)

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