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I love being home alone, just me and the not-so-shiny Mac of mine (trust me, it's dirrrrrty, can't be bothered to wipe 'em clean yet!), iTunes on out loud, weather's just right (inside the room temperature, the outdoors today is just dreadful! Thunders galore!). Oh, well, I'm just in the mood to write a new less prominent blog :p

Brother's out and about. So is Mom, on a trip out of this crappy city (for church's necessity, that is). I am currently very envious of my friend's Mom who is in Italy. Someday, Nadia, someday. The fashion, the hunky chunky guys, the breathtaking scenery. Can I get an "OOH LA LA"? ;) 

March is coming to an enddddd, these days are just getting faster and faster every single day.
The highlights of the month are too too much. One of them includes MEETING FELIIIII :) HAD A LOT OF FUN! Will be posting some pictures when I've set the mood to. She promised me that I'll be visiting her to Germany soon and that she'll be getting all the details done, all I have to do is pack my bags and I'm ready to take off ;) But the twist was it will only be a one-way ticket. Which means I won't be coming back??? Well, I would have to think twice. Or three times. Four or five. Or gazillion times more :\ 

I had an IQ test done last Thursday. Now my brain is still wounded from all the pressure. The test was made up of various types of tests. The first test was this A4-sized paper (or maybe bigger) and they're filled with number. Imagine The Matrix movie. The green numbers moving up and down and they're like altogether and all-- if you know what I mean. 
Something like this... 

And it was like ALL NUMBERS about 50 rows and 15 columns, I had to add all of them up and I was being timed >:[ 

Reggie called me at like 12 a.m last night, and I was next to Mom who's sleeping (fyi, I was using the laptop and I was sitting next to her, can't be bother to move HAHA) , and she was like, who could that be??? Calling me that late! The number was unusual, so I assume it was from some other country, can't tell which. So Reg called me on MSN and he said "THAT WAS ME!" LOL
So to speak, I rejected the call, I mean, 12 a.m in the morning, strange number, do you really think I would've picked up? So we chatted on MSN for a while, 'til he ditched me at the end. GREAT. Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl is on, reminds me of when I'm on the road with Adrienne and this song (and Take A Bow- Rihanna) was constantly playing on the radio. 

I'm taking a break as a movie buff recently, since I haven't been watching any of the new movies, including Confessions of A Shopaholic. Will be on the look for Push, TRANSFORMERS 2!!!, Toy Story 3, Shrek 4, The Incredibles 2 (not sure about this one though, it still is in the making, I think). Last movie I watched was Seven Pounds. Pretty good plot, but I watched it at the movies at about 10 p.m and I was pretty sleepy because the movie has like tons of random pauses which I hate so much when it happens to good movies. 

I hate it when people these days just have identity crisis so they copy others. Sense of style, for instance. Inspiration, on the other hand, is another thing. When you're inspired by something, you turn something great to even greater, or even the greatest. You don't look exactly alike. 

God grants wishes and there's a time & place for everything. When you want something bad enough, you'll work your hardest and pray to the fullest so that it will come true. I've done my part, God, I believe that You'll do Yours just in time :) 

tee hee wee hee(;

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