Save the Earth, save the future!

Sounds kinda, sorta, like Heroes? Well yea, I have to admit, I kinda borrowed it from the hit TV series! But I used Earth instead of cheerleader, and future, instead of world! 

What have you done (even the smallest deeds) that might have made an impact to this planet? 

Let me tell you some of my not-so-huge deeds. Well at least I've tried ;) 

1. I haven't use any plastic straws in restaurants or wherever needed. If I have to drink something, I just drink it straight from the cup or glass, I don't ask for straws, because that means less plastic will be used! Yea! 

2. I don't use plastic bags when I go to the grocery's store, I would rather bring my groceries with my own hands to the car, rather than using a plastic bag (which will be such a waste at the end). 

3. I have been reducing a lot, and I mean A LOT of brightness in my house. Usage of lamps, that is. Even the graveyard is brighter than my house, I think. LOL! Well I've been telling my maids to be really considerate in using light inside my house. If it's not too necessary, then they can sacrifice their brightness for the sake of the Earth :p 

4. I have been recycling lots of my paper inside my house for other things. Newspaper, for instance. They're the easiest things ever for recycling! I found them very VERY useful :D 

5. I told my family to use the TV which is inside the family room only so that we will be using less electricity. I know that there's certain fights like changing the channels, and such, but I think that's more arrangeable than the fight we're having against global warming! ;) 

I am very VERY into these kinds of stuffs. I really think people need to be more aware of our Earth, since it's not like what it used to be. So if you care, SHOW IT, PEOPLE!!! 

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

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