School's cool?

Please be thankful that you're in school, people. Studying. I know it is not as fun as hanging out at the mall and stuffs, but trust me, you'll see that school is useful-- eventually. 

I just hate it when people (I just want to criticize girls, mostly, because as we all know, most guys are lazy, it's their whole package, but girls don't have laziness in their genes. No excuse) take for granted their chance for going to school. They don't realize how many people in this whole wide world who can't go to school even when it is only half the price of the school they're in. They waste most of their school nights out in the clubs, bail on school days to go shopping, and don't pass their exams at the end of the year. I find that very sad. So, well, you rely on your parents' money, but when they ran out (especially when they have you as their kid), what do you think will happen next? Think, people. THINK!

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