If this is heaven, will I be fat when I live there???

I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!!! The weight I lost in a month was gained in less than a week!!! Thanks to the Caramel Frappuccino that has been filling my tummy which has officially spread to my upper body parts. I am very self-conscious, so I know the tiniest kg I gained, even it's like only a third of it, that's how body conscious I am. I felt that when I wear my clothes, for example, last time I wear my green shorts, it was very loose and it almost fell off tons of times (that is when I wear it to an amusement park), now it's tight, the way like it used to be before I lost some weight. 

Okay so, been cutting off meat again. VEGAN, YET AGAIN!!! Yeay!!! March was a meat-less month, and I'm getting the feeling of the same month is going to be repeated. Hopefully a full-time vegan :D

And also, I'm a non-carb eater. I ate rice in a very small amount, I eat lots of healthy things. I want to be a celebrity trainer so that I can make so much money by making famous people FAMOUS! HA!!! 
I know, right!!! Dream on!!!

But why not be ridiculous, everybody is! And they use a very, VERY inexcusable reason...
Today is April Fool's, the most unimportant yet popular day ever. I got pranked 2 times, it was wayyy better than last year, I suppose. But, really, people, GROW UP. Some people just can never do that. Good thing I figured out the second prank, I was really shocked about the first one, and it got me bad, 'til I wasn't really in the mood of eating my lunch, although it was already late for lunch, I wasn't really hungry at first, and when I was pranked, I really REALLY didn't feel like eating anything at all. So, thanks vince! Hahaha kidding :) 

Okay, so, sit-ups. 1000 a day, I hope. That way, I'll beat Usher and has a waaay toned abs! Tee hee wee hee :) 

Let's just hope those yummy pralines won't get me!!! 

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