Okay, I need to save, and I mean REALLY SAVE money!

Or I'll be going on a crisis soon :(

I really have been splurging on a lot of stuffs lately, and that is not good at all! But not that I spend them on clothing, most of my spending went to the movies and frozen yoghurt!!! :( 

So I went to the mall and had to wait for my friend for 2 and a half hours, so I thought what other fun way to spend it but in the book store, right? :) I was quite happy that I was alone in the book store and had quite a lot of time to read. I read some good books, one of the books was recommended by Oprah, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with that book. I also had the time to read autobiographies, that put the spotlight on some legendary people; like Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney (Yippie! :p), and none other than the one and only TV show phenomenon-- Oprah.

You might think I'm a huge nerd, but I have to admit, I pretty much am. So I'm 16 and don't wear heels to the mall, and so I don't spend hours to do my hair and make-up before a party, some of you might think I'm weird, but to be perfectly honest, I'm so darn proud of it :) 

But it won't be too long before I give up my 16 year old label, if I can choose not to, I don't want to turn 17 :( I just don't like aging. I don't like the idea of birthdays. It's like I'm running out of time, there's just so much to do in life that I haven't done!! 

Speaking of so much to do, I really want to watch a lot of movies (okay so I'm such a movie buff) this holiday. I can practically be in the cinema every day of the week! Okay, not so helpful to the I-need-to-save-money scenario I'm handling at the moment :p 

I might sound like I'm running out of money, nooooo, I just don't like the idea of constantly asking money to my parents, it just sounds so wrong :p 
I'm just conscious enough to realize that "Hey, I'm 16, isn't it time for me to get myself movin'?" :p

Anyone knows what to do on a not-so-hectic-holiday like mine? Any good, LEGIT jobs anyone would like to offer? Would love to fill these holiday days of mine with something somewhat useful! Errgh...

Well that is all, I'm outie :)
Later peeps xx

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